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Seano "The Chemist" Blackthorne is a character role-played by StrikingContact.

General Information

Seano is the current founding member of RUST and former leader of The Obscure Collective (Inactive/Absorbed into RUST) as well as Head of Research and Development at Betta Life Pharmaceuticals. He often goes by the criminal alias of "The Chemist" in many illegitimate settings. His favourite chemical formula is C8.05H12.64N4O12.37 .

Criminal Relationships, Businesses and Influence

  • Responsible for a large portion of the guns pushed through Los Santos during the back half of the day working as a partner with La Flare Davis. Probably the single largest provider of thermite through La Flare during the AU-EU period

  • Responsible for Meth Production since early June 2021 under the strain name 26-Gazelle and was one of the first cooks in the city to achieve 100% grade meth after introducing the Ballas to Meth Labs. Previous relationships with Marabunta Grande and Ballas established via this business and is formerly managed by members of "The Obscure Collective". The business relationship that "The Collective" had formed with the Ballas was the tipping point for Lang Buddha's distrust of Mando Thompson and the ultimate catalyst for their falling out over the supply of 7-Raven. Since the formation of RUST and the takeover of the blue plaza cartel. Chemist has cooked under the new strain 67-binturong and supplies the entirety of R.U.S.T. with a range of drugs ranging from weed, meth, metamorphine and ketamine. Many of the early shifts in meth supply in the early days of organic drugs flooding the streets were either directly or indirectly caused by "The Chemist". The Raven-7 and Ballas fallout, The Condemned and Nino Chavez business relationship. Even the 4 way drug alliance of Ballas, Condemned, Vagos and later BBMC formed under, at the time, Reggie Might of Vagos was commissioned to contest the control that "The Collective" had over public labs during later hours which Condemned MC could not oppose by themselves. Although this alliance was highly successful in supressing the collectives output of meth and crippled their production capacity it did not prevent the overall objectives of the group being completed. To this end, the collapse and eventual death of Condemned M.C. was the direct result of "The Chemist" supplying and helping fund Sergio Lopez of Marabunta Grande behind the scenes and provide him with fighters to prevent Condemned MC's attempted takeover of fudge lane. After the defeat at the hands of Sergio Lopez and The Chemist, the President of Condemned (Derek) was killed as a result of a vote of no confidence or "Mayhem Vote" - resulting in the dissolution of the MC.

  • Despite common perception, Chemist does not care for the money related to the drugs he produces and is in fact one of the poorest members of RUST due to his constant donation of his chemical enterprise to other members who require the money. Chemist's main drive and the reason he remains in such a stressful and highly competitive criminal field is to chase perfection. No molecule left impure, no samples left un-analysed. Chemist aims only to have access to every synthetic or organic compound he can work on to perfect its potency and provide a chemical creation matched only by the likes of mega-companies such as Pfizer and J&J. Chemist was one of the first 5-6 people in the city to achieve 100% grade meth despite not having access to the private facilities which had been constructed around the city.

  • Currently the Chief Technology Officer of Betta Life Pharmaceuticals in order to facilitate eventual plans to integrate an illegal distribution chain of drugs through legal channels. As of June 2022 after extensive efforts by the combined force of Kitty Dream, Seano Blackthorne and Oystein, confirmation was received that betta life had been successful in its lobbying for legislation regarding the legalisation of the possession and distribution of authorised registered medications through medical facilities such as Pillbox.


Chemist was introduced Raymond Romanov, who at the time was the owner of Betta Life, through Kitty Dream. Ray found that Chem's past skill in both drugs and medicine would greatly benefit the company and swiftly hired him. Through Chem's loyalty to the company, along with his shown skill on bank jobs because of the shared friendship with La Flare Davis, Chemist eventually ended up in a trusted position with Ray. This trust lead up to gaining the role of second in command in the newly formed crew R.U.S.T on a vault job in January of 2022.

The beginning of RUST as a heist crew/ street team Chem was designated to planning bank jobs while still continuing to further his reputation in the drug game even with the dissolving of his old crew, his focuses still on providing for his current crew. Even as RUST began moving into more conflict Chem became a voice of reason for the group, with his knowledge of the South Side and how gangs work proving to be helpful in tactic planning and negotiations.

Once RUST was officially considered a gang was when Chemist could really take things in stride. As systems began to change and Raymond began to be available less than what was necessary, he really took on the role as second in command. Without Raymond around for wars, Chemist was put in position of war commander for the gang, fighting against Seaside as the first instance to truly prove himself. He has also been making more decisions for the group and looking at all members, making sure that everyone is happy. He is one of the few in the crew who would contest Raymond in his decision, this quality is what Raymond says makes him a good fit for the second in command.


The VATO Alliance or Vato's Association Treaty Organization is a Defensive Pact formed among South-Side Gangs, designed to defend against multiple groups acting to destroy or overtake their territories. In addition, the Alliance aims to mediate wars between it's members, setting clear guidelines and recompense to end gang wars after a certain amount of time. RUST was a founding member of the VATOS alliance due to their close relationship with the Vagos and their El Jefe Speedy Arush Santana. Despite the tenuous history chemist shared with the Vagos due to the strained relationships caused by the meth supply wars of during the era of public labs. The relationship with the Vagos was mended through a series of conversations and clearing up the misunderstandings caused by Chemist's greatest rival and the only other un-prosecuted large scale trafficker - Reggie Might

Chemist was invited by Speedy to serve on the VATOS council in case of Raymond having to attend to business in other cities or taking extended business trips due to this newly formed trust between the emerging RUST crew and the long standing southside titans, the Vagos.


Seano is 6'1 and has dark hair with a stocky frame. His sun damaged face is clearly evidenced by his years in the sun moving hay bales and cattle herding for his grandfather growing up. His time in the lab likely didn't do much better for him with the constant exposure to biologicals and chemicals that likely made this damage worse. He has an unassuming face that prevents most from seeing his constant planning that occurs when he is on the job.

Played By: StrikingContact
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