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Scruffy Doodle is a player role-played by aintitadam


Scruffy Doodle is Los Santos resident and "business clown". He also has a huge gambling and cigarette addiction. Not a fan of being told to perform or to tell a joke.

Background Information

Scruffy Doodle is a "Business Clown". He comes from a long lineage of court jesters and very successful clowns. Not much is known about when he was a child besides that he has been gambling since age 8 and smoking since age 7. When Scruffy was 21 he got kicked out of clown college with the rest of his frat "Kappa Kek Clown." His dad got him a job doing kid's parties. Unfortunately he was never the clown his Dad was. After breaking 60 consecutive balloon animals, and getting 15 complaints of kids crying, Scruffy's dad kicked him out and fired him. After that he went to Ronald McDonald's Business School for Clowns, but has had little success in becoming a business man. He's moved to Los Santos in hope of chasing his business dreams and wears the clown getup as a reminder that hes shamed 7 generations of children's party clowns.