Scarlett Winters is a character roleplayed by Spekel.

Description Edit

LSPD, Badge #489. While being a natural blonde, has quite a temper which keeps her hair a burning red. She's as stone-cold as anyone in the LSPD can be, but deep down she's a softy who likes wearing plain white tees and jogging pants. Also, her stubbornness in refusing to ask for help will probably cost her her house since her roommate Ed is going to be out of town for some time. Shortly after leaving CID, Scarlett left the LSPD and Los Santos to transfer over to another precinct. She rejoined the LSPD after a brief stint as a lawyer.

She may have a gambling problem due to the fact that she is frequently rolling dice, and losing, to the sexiest officer on the force, Kael Soze. It is rumored that Kael Soze was able to buy his R34 Skyline purely from his winnings against Officer Winters.

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