Scarlett Skye

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Scarlett Skye is a character role-played by Wolfabelle.

Background Information

Scarlett Skye came to Los Santos with a promise for employment, but is now stranded due to the company going under before she had a chance to start. She used to be in a bike gang in the UK, but currently wants to improve her car driving skills.


Vendetta Mission - Puppet Master Drift Car Boost
March 10 2022 - Video

Scarlett was part of an operation along with Juan Carlos Hernandez, James Thompson, Jay Jarvis, Jordan Walker and Miguel Almerion to boost a drift car for Earl from the Lagunas Cartel, and in return had her boosting reputation returned to B from its previous massively negative position. Scarlett's first kill occurred during this mission, when she shot down a Laguna Cartel member as she held him up at his warehouse in Paleto, upon orders from Hydra members. The mission was ultimately successful, however JJ was put in ICU after being blown up by C4, due to both Scarlett and himself being shot down partway through, and airlifted and taken hostage by a cargobob.

Scarlett's first blood
March 27 2022 - Video

Scarlett Skye executed Ryder flint with an Uzi after he was cuffed for saying pg tps tea is better than Yorkshire Tea and doubling down on it, which led him to be in the  ICU, after he woke up from the ICU he tried to get revenge but even his own gang didn't want to help him after they found out she is hydra.

Pursuing Clarke and Demotion

Demoted to Hangaround on 1 July, 2022


Groups Description
Hydra Gang Scarlett was an associate of the Hydra Gang. She stumbled across the cul-de-sac on her bike and got friendly with Hydra members. She is actively contributing to the gang's boosts, meth cooks and weed runs. Hydra's 1-of-1 Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 was in her name before it was sold. After the whole Scarlett and Clarke situation, she got demoted to being just a hangaround and is making her way back up in the gang.


  • First prior was given by Trooper Snow for Negligent Driving
  • Once had a 10-Bored called by the PD and half the force came to join the traffic stop including Snow in a jet.
  • Successfully hacked her first S+ boost on March 25, 2022.
  • Her favorite criminal activity is car boosting, as she sees being the hacker for S+ boosts as a challenge.
  • She is a big fan of motorcycles and partakes in motorcycle street races.
  • She works at PawnHub and does hot tub streams at the Vanilla Unicorn.
  • She may step on you.


  • "You want me to step on you or something?"[1]
  • "For the rep"


Played By: Wolfabelle
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