Savannah Castillo is a character role played by hobbittrash.

Character Background Edit

When Savannah was a toddler her father killed her mother and put Savannah in a cellar with only a TV. One day she discovered what a door was and finally left the cellar after 23 years.

Trivia Edit

  • Savannah eats sand because she believes sand is water.
  • Her father is in Max Security in Bolingbroke.
  • Her father started a new family after putting Savannah in the cellar.
  • Savannah mostly watched infomercials on the TV.
  • Her only friend in the cellar was a dead Cockroach.
  • She would make cars out of food wrappers that she would sell to her dead Cockroach friend.
  • Goes by "Cellar Ricky" as a follower of Rickyism

Quotes Edit

  • "I am!"
  • "Nachis" (How she says Nazis)
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