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Santiago Madrid is a character role-played by Benni.

General Description

Santiago Madrid is a twenty-nine year old Veterano of the notorious East Side Vagos gang. He has short, neat brown hair, with trimmed facial hair. He has a serious demeanor, and can be easily identified by the smiley face tattoo on his right hand. (Also how he got the nickname "Smiley").

With a driving ability known to be on-par with F1 drivers, Santiago is well-known for his get-away skills using a wide variety of vehicles. Santiago is considered an expert on the criminal and gang workings of Los Santos, and has been known to dip his feet into any activity that brings in a substantial amount of cash. Whether it be a bank robbery or a 24/7 smash and grab, Santiago sets his sights high to ensure he makes a comfortable life for himself.



Jean Paul

A.K.A "Ghost Ridah" is Santi's friend and bank robbery associate. Santi has saved Jean Paul's ass many times. He is also one of Jean Paul's favorite getaway drivers for bank robberies due to his ankle breaking technique (the Santi special)


The entire Vagos gang are his friends, and more importantly, his family.


Played By: Benni
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