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Sana Satoru is a character role-played by SanaUchiha.


'Sana Satoru' is on her journey of self discovery and making up for her past life in New Zealand. She was born into a notorious gang and due to the death of her fiancé she ran away and gave up on that life. Sana changed her appearance and is often seen wearing a mask or glasses so that her identity is not revealed. Her life previous to Los Santos was controlled by her father, and her every move was decided for her. This makes her very indecisive and naive. Sana’s controlled upbringing also affected her way of thinking, almost as if she’s programmed to listen to any instructions given to her by people that have a sense of authority.

Sana is still unsure of how she should be living now that there are no restrictions in her life. She has a lot of trouble expressing herself through words, so she tends to express herself through her music.

Sana’s past is dark, yet she is a very bubbly person, she is sometimes shy but always tries to make conversations with new people. She finds joy in welcoming new people to the city, she likes teaching them new things and taking them on adventures around the city.

Sana can also be very possessive over her friends/family. Some of her closest friends have picked up on her 'Yandere' tendencies. In the past Sana was never allowed to socialize or make friends, so when Sana makes close connections with people she becomes fixated on the idea that they belong to her and nobody else. Sana not only has obsessions over people but she also has obsessions over objects.

Sana's Obsession's


Sana Satoru is currently signed to Wu Chang Records, she was previously signed to Downbad Records.

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As a Lead Artist
Release Date
Soundcloud, Spotify & YouTube
Its KJ time - Whats Gucci 2021 Non-album single
  • Prod. Jake Angel Beats.
Chiquita (Raymundo's Song) 2021 Non-album single
  • Prod. Jake Angel Beats.
I Got You 2021 Non-album single
  • Prod. Jake Angel Beats.
Rest In Yellow Leonel Martinez 2021 Non-album single
My mark on this world 2021 Non-album single
LAW GANG 2021 Non-album single
  • Prod. Encore.
Lost A Piece Of My Heart 2021 Non-album single
  • Prod. Fugazi Beats.
Playboi Santi 2021 Non-album single
Take Me 2021 Non-album single
Feel The Beat 2021 Non-album single
You Mad 2021 Non-album single
AYAYA 2021 Non-album single
All I Want For Christmas is UwU 2021 Non-album single
Can I Feel Love Again 2022 Non-album single
Country Boy 2022 Non-album single
People Never Change (feat. Sparky 2022 Non-album single
RATATA (feat. Zolo 2022 Non-album single
Only One 2022 Non-album single
Ill Be There 2022 Non-album single
Purple Heart 2022 Non-album single
Roosters Rest March 14, 2022 Non-album single
Kill For Love March 27, 2022 Non-album single
Sorry March 30, 2022 Non-album single
ITS YA GIRL APRIL April 1, 2022 Non-album single

  • Written by Sana & King Ryan.
  • Aprils friend Ray Mond helped Sana write the song by telling her everything she knows about April.
  • Surprise released on April's birthday yacht party.
  • Live premiere at April's "25th" birthday party on April 1st, 2022.
Only One Piano Version April 26, 2022 Non-album single

Trivia & Quotes

  • Sana’s fav colors are blue and pink.
  • Sana's meth strain is "Penguin".
  • Her first bank was the vault during a “Family outing”.
  • Sana once spent 8 hours metal detecting by herself.
  • Sana was reverse adopted by her son Ralphie.
  • She has 3 best friends: Sarah Ripley, Ora Bailey and Mango.
  • Sana hates confrontation but doesn't think twice to protect her friends.
  • Sana has been proposed to multiple times, all times she has denied.
  • She wants to be a "shooter", just like her 2nd friend in the city, Flippy (Juan).
  • Sana loves to gift plushies or foods/drinks as a way to show her love and appreciation.
  • Sana was Santa's (Park Parker's) first fan in the city and is obsessed with his music.
  • Sana doesn't feel physical pain due to the abuse she endured from her father.
  • The first time Sana went to prison she was put on 24hr hold for stealing PD equipment.
  • When Sana introduces herself to people, they often mishear her and think her names "Sauna".
  • Sana despises cops, she doesn’t trust them whatsoever.
  • Sana may or may not have a crush on (Kayn) Yeager because they remind her of an anime character.
  • Sana stopped wearing shoes for a day because Yeager told her friend Rin that "Shoes are for peasants..."
  • Sana gave Yeager C4 for Valentines to “weigh out the cringe…”.
  • Sana started a movement "#OnlyLarry" Motive: Making Larry Knox the only local in LS.
  • Sana's hair was guild pink for a week because Lando (Keith Wanderlust) put a spell her. She got her blue hair back after she went into the oasis on Mt Gordo with Yeager.

  • When Sana first moved into the city she was signed to Downbad Records with Lil Cap (Alex) but Lil Cap left for MDM Records without telling Sana. This left Sana in the dark and she felt let down, Sana then decided to go independent.
  • While Sana was pursuing music as an independent artist her friend Vinny tried to sign her to Wu-Chang and he texted her "We're signing you or we're fighting". (Sana stayed independent)
  • A few weeks later Wiked (Dwayne) and Lil Cap tried to sign Sana to MDM Records. Wiked even gave Sana the diamond plaque for the #1 song 'Tommy T'. Sana thought about it for a week and decided to stay independent and returned the plaque back to Wiked.
  • Sana continued being an independent artist for 3 months+ and during that time she released over 20+ songs and did performances all around the city. She performed at UwU, Roosters, The Manor, Queens Manor, Deansworld, Prison, The VU etc.
  • Liz Anya and Pablo called a meeting with Sana and asked Sana to join Wu Chang Records. Sana didn't sign there, but she did get in touch with Vinny because Sana knew if she was going to sign she wanted Vinny to sign her himself.
  • Sana signed to Wu-Chang shortly after performing her newest song to Garrett and Vinny outside of UwU café. Sana was already thinking about signing to Wuchang as she made close connections with Sparky Kane, Zarina Vega, Valentine Dalla. Selena Martinez, Tee Veeman, Jackson Creed and Park Parker who are all signed to Wuchang.

  • "NICE!"
  • "What the heck?"
  • "You dirty grinder"
  • "Ellooo!!"
  • "Yeah, yeah"
  • "OH GOD..."
  • "Stay safe!"
  • "What's gucciiii?"
  • "I hate locals"
  • ”Crime is cringee” -from Xavier Sin.
  • "Thanks for choosing UwU, and remember we love you!"

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