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Samantha "Sammy" Snake is a character role-played by Vondill.


  • Fishing
  • Treasure Hunting
  • Bike Riding


  • "My mom wanted a girl, OKAY!?"
  • "Uhoh."
  • "Baii!"
  • "Bleh!"

Notable Criminal Record

Attempted Murder of a Government Employee; Sammy Snake stabbed a police officer on Mel Rickenbacker's instruction. The record shows Sammy yelled "DON'T IMPEACH THE MAYOR; THIS IS POLITICALLY MOTIVATED" before stabbing Candice Defitt. She survived. He pled down from Terrorism to Attempted Murder, and subsequently lost all licenses other than his driving license. His hunting and fishing license was revoked because he was in possession of a Sturgeon at the time of his arrest.

Felony Animal Cruelty; Sammy Snake was mauled by a mountain lion and instead of EMS, a Police Officer showed up to his 911 call. The Officer found Sammy in possession of a mountain lion skin and arrested him for poaching. During the officer's investigation he found Sammy was GSR-negative. When the officer advised Sammy that he 'passed' the GSR test, Sammy began making jokes about beating animals to death, and was subsequently charged.