Sam McEntyre is a character role-played by JGnawsTin.


Sam McEntyre is a workaholic.

She currently is the head of the nursing program with Los Santos Medical Group and is a retired High Command member from the Emergency Medical Services. She was formerly one of the Co-Chiefs of the Emergency Medical Services with Khloe Brooks.

She was certified in Critical Care, Los Santos Fire Department, Water Rescue and Life Flight.

The LSMG Nursing Program was created by Sam in the summer of 2020.

Sam created the books, business documentation, and financial spreadsheets for Bad Boys Customs, Fast Lane Imports, Weazel News, Rooster Cab Company, and a few other prominent businesses in the city. She created and maintained most of the documentation for EMS when she was Co-Chief and currently writes all documentation for the nursing program within LSMG.

Sam is also a consultant for Premium Deluxe Motorsport and provides guidance and assistance with everyday business dealings as needed for the company.


Sam worked as a senior resident and paramedic at the hospital in her hometown of UFOville until aliens cloned her friends and tried to abduct her. Now Sam is deathly afraid of aliens. She then moved to Los Santos and worked as an investigative journalist and publisher until there were openings for EMS positions. She then applied and eventually earned the title of Co-Chief. She recently stepped down from EMS High Command in order to head up the new nursing program with Los Santos Medical Group.


Sam is a no-nonsense human who really cares about her friends and the people she hangs around. She is very much by the book, having little tolerance for ambulances being stolen or medical personnel being kidnapped. Sam is an experienced medical professional who understands people and how to treat them effectively and efficiently. Sam considers herself queer and encourages all levels of diversity throughout the city. Her main goal is to help with maintaining the health, safety, and well-being of all citizens in Los Santos.

Sam has worked for multiple organizations:

Los Santos Medical Group - Head Nurse (Current)

Los Santos Emergency Medical Services - High Command

Bad Boy Customs - Office Manager and General Management

Fast Lane Imports - Office Manager and General Management

Premium Deluxe Motorsport - Consultant (Current)

Weazel News - Contracted Bookkeeper and Document Creator (Current)

Rooster Cab Company - Contracted Bookkeeper and Document Creator (Current)

Recent Events

Work Related: Sam stepped down as a Co-Chief of EMS where she had worked alongside Khloe Brooks. She is now the head of the nursing program with Los Santos Medical Group.

Personal Life Related: Sam married Frankiie Robertson on October 6th, 2020 but they divorced on 11/18/2020. They adopted four children: Artie Cottonsweater, Gladys Berry, Zach Kellogg, and Poppy Young. Sam is now single, but shares custody of her children. She may never date again.


EMS personnel and Pillbox Medical Center: Sam loves all of the EMS and the hospital staff as they are her family.

Gladys Berry, Zach Kellogg, Artie Cottonsweater, and Poppy Young: Sam and Frankiie's adopted children.

Lucille "Lucy" Hellman: Sam's sister.

hunter: Family dog (though all medical personnel are considered his family).

Danika Tater and Trigger Freebird: Sam's ultimate best friends. They all met in Sam's first week in the city and continue to remain close. Trigger is one of her main huskies.

Mina Price: A close family friend.

Khloe Brooks: Sam's rock and one of her best friends.

Frankiie Robertson: Sam's ex-wife. They married on October 6th, 2020.

Leah Strong - Sam's ex-girlfriend.

Tallie Savage - Sam's ex-girlfriend.

Casey Valentine - Sam's ex-boyfriend.

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