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Sam Baas is a character role-played by Ssaab.

General Description

Sam Baas is the Chief of Police for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #423.

He was previously a Senior Deputy for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Badge #360 and prior to this was a Senior Officer for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #450.

Baas is a 29 -year-old Caucasian male; he is bald and sports a fashionable mustache. He is one of the longest standing cops on the force. He has served under several tiers of ranking on the roster, ranging from Cadet all the way to Commissioner.

Baas shows a high level of competence with regards to his police work, evidenced in his ability to lead entire situations and garner respect from his fellow officers, regardless of what his current rank is. His wits and years on the force has given him the ability to mold cadets into capable members of the PD.

In spite of his kind nature, Baas has displayed jealous tendencies when it comes to his ex-husband, Dante Wolf. Overprotective of his loved ones, he will go through great lengths to assure their safety and care- this includes anyone in his family. Despite his calculated nature, he is often times too trusting of those around him that would do him harm.

Baas is extremely respected by his fellow police officers. He is regarded as the one of the best leaders the LSPD has ever seen, and is known for his ability to control a scene and protect everyone involved.


Waterboarding a cat

April 16th 2021- Waterboarding a cat

In the late hours of April 16th, Sam Baas and his at-the time husband, Dante Wolf were on a regular patrol in Los Santos. Unbeknownst to them, Meowfurryon had sneaked into their cars trunk and was listening to their confidential conversation. This included knowledge of meth production, a RICO case being built against the Vagos, and private information about Baas and Dante's personal lives.

Shortly after making a stop at Burger Shot, Baas and Dante ran into Nino Chavez. Meowfurryon decided that this was the perfect opportunity to leave the car, and he started yelling for help, saying he had been kidnapped. Nino however drove off, leaving Meowfurryon alone with Baas and Dante who were now aware of his presence. Baas was paranoid about what Meowfurryon had overheard and continued to interrogate him even after he asked for a lawyer.

In an attempt to get Meowfurryon to tell the truth, they took him to a torture chamber in Grapeseed where Baas splashed Meow with water from his water bottle. This caused him to freak out and feel waterboarded, which forced him to leave his cat form. As a result of him not opening up about what he had overheard, Baas and Dante decided to send him off to jail.

Sometime after this, high command found out what Baas and Dante had done and a criminal court case was opened. Baas admitted in court that he had waterboarded Meowfurryon and attempted to take all the blame so that his husband, Dante, could walk free. However, Judge Coyote found Dante guilty of obstruction of justice, accomplice of assault/battery, and accomplice of kidnapping. Baas was found guilty of assault and battery in addition to kidnapping.

As a result of this case, Dante and Baas decided to split ways and get a divorce as they concluded that relationships could not work in a professional/work setting.

EMS gets bricked

May 24th 2021- EMS gets bricked

In the early hours of May 24th 2021, Baas visited a NoPixel cards van with his partner Officer Brian Knight in Paleto. While there, he was given bricks by a fellow officer and decided to play a small prank on an EMS who was opening a pack of cards, asking his consent beforehand. This EMS happened to be Dom Larrey, who hadn't heard Baas' request to throw a brick at him as he had his headphones in and was completely unaware of what was about to happen to him.

Baas wound up his throwing arm in a manner Tom Brady would be proud and threw the brick at Dom. Unfortunately, the brick hit Dom directly in the head and he was incapacitated on impact, after being rushed into surgery; the magnitude of his injuries led complications to arise in OR. Sadly, the doctors could not save him and Dom passed away as a result of the trauma to the head.

Fortunately for Baas, no one witnessed him throwing the brick and so he was not charged with anything. The murder of Dom Larrey was eventually concluded to have been Basem Shahin as bricks were found in his apartment when it was searched due to his sudden death.

Ocean Dumping Dundee

June 8th 2021- Ocean Dumping Dundee

On the 8th June 2021, Judge John Bailey was kidnapped and held at gunpoint by Irwin Dundee while driving. During this drive, Dundee questioned Bailey on why the DoJ were always in the cops favor and other concerns he had with the corrupt system in Los Santos. Upon finishing this conversation, Dundee decided to be lenient and let Bailey go without shooting him- warning that if Bailey snitched to the cops he would come for him and kill him. Bailey decided to take these chances and entrust in the PD, he made officers aware of the events that had unfolded- allowing the police to track down and detain Dundee. Unfortunately, while transporting Dundee, one of the officers- Trooper Tony Andrews - didn't realise Dundee was in the back of his car and revealed, while on a phone call, that Bailey had ratted him out to the cops.

This put Bailey's life in danger, he instructed that the PD should cover for their mistakes and get rid of the issue. As a result, Andrews commanded Baas to ocean-dump Dundee to prevent him or others around him from harming Judge Bailey. Wanting to make up for his previous mistakes and get into the good books with his higher ups, Sam Baas took Dundee out into the ocean on a speedboat and shot him in the head letting his unconscious body sink to the bottom of the ocean; Dundee returned to the city 3 weeks after this event and had no recollection of what had happened to him, allowing Baas to walk free.

Two-Faced Baas

October 20th 2021- Two-Faced Baas

  • TBD
Attending A Wedding

November 16th 2021- Attending A Wedding

On November 16th, Sam Baas had just awoken from his apartment and gotten off the Bus into the city. During his walk to the Town Hall, he noticed weird activity happening in one of the clothing stores- upon noticing a group of individuals dressing up into wedding clothing, he pondered whether he should walk in or not.

Due to his curiosity, he walked into the clothing store. Unfortunately for him, the people in the store were members of Chang Gang and Igor Skovacic. This was unfortunate because they were dressing up for a fake wedding; that would stop Igor from being deported from the city- meaning that they did not want to be witnessed by the police. As the Chief of police walked into the store, they all froze up in shock, they couldn't let him walk away with this knowledge. Vinny Pistone, member of Chang Gang, decided they would take Baas to the wedding to both destroy his reputation and solidify the wedding occurring.

Upon reaching Chumash pier, Baas was provided oxy and alcohol by Hutch Hutcherson. Baas became heavily intoxicated, joining in on the wedding pictures and joining in on the vows between Igor and Bri (Randy Bullet dressed as a woman).

Eventually, Baas was left in a field and the PD were made aware of his location. He was taken to hospital and recovered

Momentous Dates within the Government

Rank Insignia Note Date
Senior Officer SeniorOfficer.png PD Ranking Restructure; Badge #450 February 5th, 2021
Cadet CadetLSPD.png Demoted for the day by Trooper Tony Andrews March 13th, 2021
Senior Officer SeniorOfficer.png Reinstated as Senior Officer March 14th, 2021
Senior Deputy SeniorDeputyBCSO.png Transferred to the BCSO; Badge #360 April 18th, 2021
Senior Deputy SeniorDeputyBCSO.png Suspended from the BCSO by Randy Wrangler April 23rd, 2021
Deputy DeputyBCSO.png Demoted by Sheriff Kyle Pred and Captain Randy Wrangler April 25th, 2021
Senior Deputy SeniorDeputyBCSO.png Promoted to Senior Deputy May 25th, 2021
Chief of Police ChiefOfPolice.png Transferred to the LSPD; Promoted to Chief of Police; Badge #423 July 26th, 2021
Sheriff SheriffPBSO.png Transferred to the PBSO and appointed as the Sheriff for the week by order of The Senate April 7th, 2022
Chief of Police ChiefOfPolice.png Transferred back to the LSPD and returned as a Chief of Police April 14th, 2022
Certification Legend Rank Note Date
Field Training Officer FTO Cert.png Senior Officer FTO Certified February 5th, 2021
Major Crimes Division MCD Cert.png Senior Officer Appointed as Detective in the MCD March 3rd, 2021
Field Training Officer FTO Cert.png Deputy FTO Decertified April 25th, 2021
Major Crimes Division MCD Cert.png Senior Deputy Promoted to Sergeant Detective; Appointed MCD Supervisor for NA June 17th, 2021
Interceptor Driver Interceptor Cert.png Senior Deputy Interceptor Certified July 8th, 2021
Field Training Instructor FTI Cert.png Chief of Police FTI Certified July 26th, 2021
Major Crimes Division MCD Cert.png Chief of Police MCD disbanded July 28th, 2021
Air-1 Pilot Air Cert.png Chief of Police Air Certified August 15th, 2021
Motorcycle Driver Motorcycle Cert.png Chief of Police Motorcycle Certified + Pursuit FTO August 16th, 2021
High Value Target Unit HVTU Cert.png Chief of Police Appointed as Squad Lead in the HVTU September 2nd, 2021
SWAT SWAT Cert.png Chief of Police SWAT Certified October 1st, 2021
Street Racing Unit SRU Cert.png Chief of Police Appointed as Supervisor in the SRU October 15th, 2021
Jet Jet Cert.png Chief of Police Jet Certified November 22nd, 2021
Interceptor Driver Mustang Cert.png Chief of Police Interceptor Restructure; Full Access to all Interceptors April 21st, 2022


  • "I'm married to the law."
  • "...If that's the case."
  • "Hell yeah!" - when with Brian Knight
  • "Are you from Manchester?"
  • "(Too bad) you broke the law."
  • "I'm here to lay down the law."
  • "Next time, it's going to be a fat ticket!"
  • "Get it together, (________)!"
  • "Trust me!"
  • "10-9?"
  • "I don't care what they say about you, I think you're great."


Played By: Ssaab
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