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Salem Barghouthi is a character role-played by SgtApollo.

General Description

Salem, alongside with his twin brother Alem Barghouthi immigrated to Los Santos for a better life to escape their past in Kuwait allegedly running a highly successful Persian Rug store. Salem was one of the managers at Premium Deluxe Motorsport. Salem is a funny cheerful man ready to achieve the American Dream. After consistently being screwed by the business world, Salem & his brother Alem being very close friends with Guy Jones, adopted-son Peanut, Brad Bett, Alan Kyles, etc, and they quickly became affiliated with their gang Natural Born Crackheads. After dealing with the death of his nephew, Basem Shahin, he was determined to get revenge and justice with the gang backing him. Salem is now considered the grandfather and OG member of the crew.

Physical Description

He is a 41-year-old male who stands at six feet. He has a beautiful full head of hair that was black but has been covered with his grey-hairs. He has a wrinkly forehead with cheek wrinkles from how much he laughs, a fluffy, grey and well-trimmed mustache.

Salem is usually seen wearing his manager uniform when he is around which consists of his tucked in white buttoned long sleeve shirt, with his "Mucci" glasses. But for formal & special events Salem is spotted wearing his fully white tuxedo with his "Mucci" dress shoes.


"You Mozzer Bitch"

"Ya Donkey!!"

"Abbreciation Station" - said when he is appreciative.

"Have you heard of our brand new 2022 ATM?" - said when someone uses the ATM.

"Top of my class at Kuwaiti University, English literature Major"

"Kuwaiti Jiu Jitsu black belt" - said when Salem would fight.


Played By: SgtApollo
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