Sal Rosenberg is a character role-played by Sal_Rosenberg.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Sal enjoys getting into chases with cops, and "sending it" in his car; known as the "Sal Rosenberg Special."

Recent Events[edit | edit source]

The People V. Sal Rosenberg[edit | edit source]

On January 10, 2020 Sal encountered a tow truck driver named Dale and assaulted him a knife and later a shotgun. He eventually murdered Dale with a firearm and was arrested for murder. Sal was found guilty of one count of each of the following: capital murder, criminal possession of a class 2 firearm, and joyriding. Sal was sentenced to 15 years in prison by Judge Holden. His sentence included 5 years already served and he is eligible for parole in 2 years.

Clips[edit | edit source]

Fun Facts[edit | edit source]

  • Sal was a Plum member of the Prune Gang
  • Sal was away from the city for 5 months and returned on 11/22/19

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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