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Saint Jospeh is a character role-played by Koil.


Saint Jospeh is also known as Josper and Jesus in the city. He claims to be the brother of Jesus Christ and often speaks of blessing and healing others. He offers to heal and bless citizens for a small donation or fee.

Josper is also a criminal and sells drugs when he is not healing. He also holds down territory in the south side of the city. He is unintimidated by local gangs and has a large stash of weapons and drugs in his house. He occasionally works with his neighbors the Aztecas.


  • "I have been sent down from the heavens!"
  • "I am the Nephilim!"
  • "I shall bless Thee!"

Fun Facts

  • Calls other citizens of the city his children
  • Refers to doctors as fake healers
  • Claims that Jesus Christ is his brother
  • Lives in the south side but claims the north side
  • Offers "healing" to residents for a donation
  • Often does crime with Gremlin


Played By: Koil
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