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Sahara International was an investment company, founded by current CEO, Nino Chavez. The company's purpose is to facilitate potential business entrepreneurs with financing, consultation, and other facilities. Behind the scenes, it was responsible for the import and manufacturing of some of the most dangerous weapons in the city with Jay Jarvis leading the way.

Nino Chavez, Bruce Nelvico and Javier Fernandez specialized in the procurement and purchasing of goods to and from a network of vendors overseas, in order to gain access to more services.

With Nino Chavez often coming in and out of the city, Jay Jarvis and Curtis Swoleroid has taken over current operations.

Though with the city becoming bankrupt after the government went all in on GameStop stocks, Sahara International went under thus rendering it defunct.


Sahara International started with the buyout of Clucking Bell Farms and Cluckin' Bell as the first business investments in Los Santos.

Clucking Bell Farms

When Nino purchased the chicken factory in Grapeseed, his intention was to create an equal job opportunity in Los Santos. He employed Bobby “Dragon” Goodman to be the manager, which caused problems amongst criminals. Dragon claimed Grapeseed as his home, and wanted to be informed when criminals were doing activities in the area.

When problems escalated to the point of Dragon being shot multiple times, Nino got fed up with people involving his business with Dragon's personal problems. Nino demoted Dragon, and employed Allen Widemann, Bruce Nelvico, and Javier Fernandez as the company's lead positions.

Current Operations

Sahara International operates as an investment and business venture company in the front, but underneath it all is an elaborate weapons manufacturing and import-export business.


Nino previously supplied guns throughout the city, but operations were placed on hold because of troubles with the coast guard. However, they have resumed operations within the city and they have a select number of middlemen who receive weapon shipments from them so they can distribute it all over the city. Additionally, they also deal in large exportation of narcotics and drugs. Having formed a partnership with Siz Fulker, they are able to export large amounts of cocaine out of the city.

Weapons Manufacturing

In a secretive bunker somewhere in Los Santos lies the weapons manufacturing factory and weapons testing facility of Sahara International. In this location, only known to the top brass of the group, they are able to manufacture high-power automatic weapons such as Advanced Rifles and Combat Machineguns.

Acting Management

  • Nino Chavez - CEO
  • Javier Fernandez - CFO
  • Jay Jarvis - Manager
  • Curtis Swoleroid - Manager
  • Al Saab - Manager

Current Employees

Previous Employees

All Investments





The vendors operate under aliases, conducting business from within different ports and cities around the world.

  • Morpheus
    • The core broker of all trade and transactions within the organization.
  • Lucky
    • Operates in Texas, and is interested in buying narcotics. Lucky sells base material goods. 
  • Sangre
    • Operates in South America. 
  • Butcher 
  • Black Moon
    • Operates in China, and is interested in exporting cars. Black Moon sells small caliber and high caliber weapons, specialty items for specific tasks, IP theft, vehicles, commodities, counterfeit items, information and technology. Black Moon does not deal in "hot" weapons.
  • Beaute
    • Operates in France, and is interested in acquiring jewelry and wine. Beaute sells daggers, hatchets, knuckle dusters, muskets and some vintage pistols.