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Sabith "Bunny" Cohen is a character role-played by itsjustasummerjob.

Bunny is the CEO for Cool Beans, Bahama Mamas West, Diamond Casino Hotel, Sandy Shores Recycling Center and has aspirations to one day become the Mayor of Los Santos

General Info

Sabith Cohen, more commonly known as Bunny, is a young woman from Tennessee who moved to Los Santos for a fresh start after she left her ex-fiance. She makes friends quickly and is willing to do almost anything to support the people she loves. Bunny is a former show-girl and spends most of her time helping various businesses and entrepreneurs around the city. When she isn't working, she can most often be found neck-deep in "boi trouble." While she can sometimes come across as ditsy, her silly personality masks a fount of personal trauma and a sharp business mind.


Though Bunny's history is primarily private, it's generally known that she was engaged to a man for four years before leaving him. She's previously described him as manipulative and a general asshole. Bunny has also divulged dancing for eight years along the Nashville strip as a showgirl, working under the employ of a man who owned a bar downtown.

Bunny took part in a Cerberus funded TV show called "Corpo Kid" along with 9 others managing to get to the semi-finals with Tommy Tate, Lexi Law and Dean Quincy where herself and Tommy managed to get through to the finals and Dean Watson the owner of the casino told her and Tommy that it was up to them to divide the ownership between themselves or conquer and own the CEO position outright, in the end both Bunny and Tommy decided to divide the CEO role between themselves having them both be the winners of the competition.


Image Vehicle Name Description Licence Plate
Bunny Lectro.PNG
Lectro Black and Pink Pearlecent MOTRGASM


  • Has a Cassette Tattoo representing the first song she ever recorded, title unknown
  • Born February 14th, an Aquarius
  • Her state license says she's 24
  • Can usually be found lying dramatically on the floor of Bahama Mamas
  • Has a propensity for camo
  • Gives friends (and strangers) nicknames through a convoluted process of word-association such as:
  • Favorite ice cream flavor is mint/mint chocolate chip
  • Loves camping, hiking, and similar outdoor activities