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Sabith "Bunny" Cohen is a character role-played by itsjustasummerjob.

Bunny served as the 5th Mayor of Los Santos. She co-owns Bahama Mamas West, The Richman Hotel, Plan Bee, and Down Bad Records. She is also the CEO of the Diamond Casino Hotel, Bahama Mamas West, and Down Bad Records.

General Information

Sabith Cohen, more commonly known as Bunny, is a young woman from Tennessee who moved to Los Santos on April 8, 2021 for a fresh start after she left her ex-fiancé. She makes friends quickly and is willing to do almost anything to support the people she loves. Bunny is a former show-girl and spends most of her time helping various businesses and entrepreneurs around the city. When she isn't working, she can most often be found neck-deep in "boi trouble." While she can sometimes come across as ditsy, her silly personality masks a fount of personal trauma and a sharp business mind.

Bunny started out in Los Santos running businesses and working booths at the Andi Jones Farmers Market and the Dean World Night Market, aspiring to one day become the Mayor of Los Santos. As the CEO of Bahama Mamas West, Bunny's big break came when she won Cerberus' "Corpo Kid" reality competition to become the co-CEO of the brand-new Diamond Casino Hotel. She was also promoted from clean face to business underboss of The Stable about five days before the group broke up. On April 1st, 2022, Bunny finally fulfilled her dream and became the 5th Mayor of Los Santos, succeeding previous Mayor Emma Gaine.

Bunny is anti-violent, and doesn't even like to hurt locals. She has never owned a gun or been caught for a felony (such as obstructing a homicide investigation or stealing a box truck to transport beehives). Although Bunny frowned upon The Stable's forays into violence, she believed in the overall good of the group except for the time that a Stable Hand stalked and murdered an innocent district attorney. To this day, Bunny considers the discovery of his burnt corpse after she had failed to prevent his murder the worst day of her life. Also when Bunny competed for CEO of the Diamond Casino Hotel, Nancy Drew encouraged her to screen Cerberus' public records first.


Although Bunny's history is primarily private, it's generally known that she was engaged to a man for four years before leaving him. She's previously described him as manipulative and a general asshole. Bunny has also divulged dancing for eight years along the Nashville strip as a showgirl, working under the employ of a man who owned a bar downtown.

🐎 Clean Face of The Stable

When Bunny's good friend Thomas Dwayne (the owner of the Bahama Mamas West nightclub that she ran) joined Mick Flair, Dick Chiclets, and Nancy Drew in starting a new crime organization called The Stable, Bunny agreed to own their warehouse. It was nicknamed "The Barn", and served as the stash for all of The Stable's illegal money and drugs. Bunny continued to stay clean while the group ran illegal activities to pay The Barn off. At times, she had to make the loan payments from her own personal savings until the group could reimburse her.


Occasionally, Bunny wanted more transparency from The Stable even though the group was not allowed to discuss any of their criminal activities with her. Friend and Stable hand Elizabeth "Lizzie" Byrne's unsanctioned, premeditated murder of ADA Malcador Sigilite on August 18, 2021 provoked Bunny's strongest objection. Deeply traumatized by finding Malcador's burnt corpse in a torture chamber, Bunny confronted Stable heads Thomas and Dick about why Lizzie hadn't been kicked out of the group for her depravity. Unbeknownst to Bunny, Mick was the last holdout against removing Lizzie and even felt indignant toward Bunny's moral posture.

Be on the Lookout for Bunny

Some time after The Stable had finally removed Lizzie from the group, SCU detectives Sexton Hardcastle, Amber Gold, and Luka Kovacic investigated Lizzie for Malcador's murder. The detectives, suspicious over whether Bunny had "coincidentally" discovered Malcador's body in a secluded torture chamber, plotted to interrogate her and name her as an accomplice to an ADA's murder (Hardcastle even considered searching Bunny's warehouse for the murder weapon). When Luka couldn't reach Bunny, he put out a BOLO ("be on the lookout") to that effect. Alarmed, Bunny's lawyer Siobhan Fitzpatrick cleared everything up and accompanied both Bunny and her therapist Pixie Plum in the interrogation room. During the interrogation, Luka believed Bunny's tearful story that she discovered the body while scouting out properties, and rerouted the homicide investigation elsewhere.

Meanwhile, The Stable had emptied everything illegal out of The Barn because of the Bunny investigation and because Thom Yung had spotted Matt Rhodes searching for the warehouse that Lizzie's crew was using. Rhodes, vengeful that Lizzie had kidnapped and gunned down his husband Richard Dark, knew the spot in the area where her friend Xavier Valentine had parked his car, but didn't know the actual warehouse location or the identity of Lizzie's crew. Rhodes also knew she and Xavier shared storage because Lizzie had allowed him to look through all of her text messages. Ultimately, Lizzie finally ended the threat to The Barn by confessing to Malcador's murder and going to prison for the 9's.

The Breadcrumb

The Barn came under threat again when the neighboring warehouse, used by the HOA and owned by Mirror Park Tavern bartender Blanden Haster, got locked up by the police because Kian Mercer and Lilith Ailhart had been gunned down next to it. Unbeknownst to the HOA, Judge Alan Crane did not feel that Jeffrey Bundy's warrant had enough probable cause to search the HOA warehouse for class 2 guns (the police had recovered one that was robbed off of Kian). To protect the HOA warehouse from a police raid, Jesus Antonio Lopez Contreras risked a false flag scheme where he kidnapped Bundy, asked why the police had locked up The Stable's warehouse, and gunned him down. To Bundy's delight, Crane subsequently approved a raid of the locked up HOA warehouse (Bundy and Crane had never heard of "The Stable" before). Bundy seized over 40 meth pillows from the warehouse, and the HOA warehouse owner Blander Haster went down for drug trafficking. Later, Bundy mused what the gunman had meant by "The Stable".

The Barn Burned

The barn.jpg

On November 9, 2021, the Street Crimes Unit turned their attention to The Barn, which similarly had over 40 meth pillows hidden inside of it. Lt. Bundy had searched Kirk Jerkems' apartment for illegal guns, but instead found three pillows of Kirk's meth strain 51-rhinoceros. Because half of The Stable had accidentally obstructed the raid in Thomas Dwayne's car, SCU claimed reasonable suspicion that Thomas' Bahama Mamas West CEO Bunny might be storing the crew's illegal drugs inside of her warehouse. Det. Sexton Hardcastle staked out The Barn for eight hours and one whole morning. Finally on November 12, 2021, The Stable set out on a mission to smuggle all of the meth pillows out of The Barn to protect Bunny from a drug trafficking charge. Thomas, Dick Chiclets, and Xavier Valentine stormed into the warehouse as Kirk, Abner Vaca, and Marie Ortiz scouted out the area for police surveillance. Dick and Thomas then carjacked an armored Landstalker SUV to transport The Barn's meth pillows in, and the six of them headed toward the meth drop-off location in a three-car convoy. As Air-1 and a wave of police cars led by Hardcastle swarmed after them, the four Stable hands created enough interference for Dick and Thomas to escape in the armored SUV, successfully drop off the meth, and ultimately save Bunny from incrimination.

Because this SCU investigation had burned The Barn, The Stable stopped using it to stash anything illegal. Bunny and Nancy Drew renamed the warehouse to "The Hive", and began using it to store honey and bee's wax for their legal business Plan Bee. Ironically, Hardcastle later saved Bunny from her first felony arrest when she provided falsified documentation for the delivery truck that she had stolen to transport Plan Bee's goods. Hardcastle finally saw the inside of the warehouse on January 18, 2022, when Nancy gave both him and Lily Pond a guided tour of it.

💎 Diamond Casino Hotel CEO

Bunny competed for a Diamond Casino Hotel CEO position in a Cerberus funded TV show called "Corpo Kid" against nine other contestants, and made it to the semi-final round with Tommy T, Lexi Law, and Dean Quincy. In the final round, Cerberus challenged finalists Bunny and Tommy T to a prisoner's dilemma:

  • If Bunny picked "conquer" and Tommy T picked "divide", Bunny would win the CEO position.
  • If Bunny picked "divide" and Tommy T picked "conquer", Tommy T would win the CEO position.
  • If both Bunny and Tommy T picked "divide", they would share the CEO position.
  • If both Bunny and Tommy T picked "conquer", Lexi Law would have won the CEO position in a surprise twist.

Both Bunny and Tommy T picked "divide", and were declared the winners of the competition. On September 6, 2021, Bunny happily woke up in the Diamond Casino Hotel for the first time.

F9220CB8-E4BA-4647-8273-A0188F9DFBE0 1 201 a.jpg

Bunny and Tommy T had contrasting expectations of their CEO positions. Bunny felt that Tommy T should do more work, while Tommy T felt that Bunny should do less work. Some time after Bunny hired her Stable friends Abner Vaca and Marie Ortiz onto the Diamond Casino Hotel, Bunny's boyfriend Jeffy Coldiron hired Kirk Jerkems on as hotel security. On December 6, 2021, Kirk, Abner, and Marie (blacked out with guns instead of wearing their casino hotel employee uniforms) barged into the Angels' hotel room to warn Randy Bullet against cooking meth there (previously, Bunny had spotted Randy cooking on the casino rooftop and didn't want police to raid the whole hotel). Indignant, Randy complained to the Angels, Tommy T, and Diamond Casino Hotel owner Dean Watson. Dean and Lang Buddha, surprised to learn that Bunny was the clean face of The Stable, called an impromptu Cerberus meeting with Bunny inside of the hotel. Bunny did not know about the hotel security, and assured Cerberus that only four trusted hotel employees could access the hotel room stashes to put the laundromat coins and lucky soaps in. Lang confronted Bunny over her connection to The Stable, and ordered her to give Thomas' hotel room to him. Later on the casino rooftop, Cerberus questioned Tommy T and found out what Randy and the Angels had said to him about The Stable. This led Lang to conclude that Randy and the Angels were trying to manipulate Cerberus into firing Bunny and The Stable from the hotel. Irregardless, Lang distrusted The Stable, and convinced Cerberus that all of Bunny's Stable friends should be fired (meanwhile, Bunny had already done so).

The End of The Stable

Bunny and Nancy Drew concluded that they shouldn't employ any Stable members into Cerberus businesses. On December 7, 2021, Bunny and various Stable members repeatedly conferred about whether to disband the group because of all the negative associations with it. To protect the group from any future backlash, Kirk left The Stable. The group stopped having Stable meetings and paying dues, started to just individually buy into each bank job as friends without giving The Barn a cut, and began admitting that The Stable had broken up.

👑 Clean Queen

Clean Queens.png

On the night of December 20th, 2021, Nancy Drew purchased the Queen Manor mansion. Bunny was among the five female Cerberus CEOs to receive keys to it. As the Clean Queens, the CEOs supported each other in business, events, and clean Cerberus ventures.

After 10 months of the Bahama Mamas West nightclub getting passed over for construction--and months of the same running joke that its CEO Bunny and owner Thomas Dwayne couldn't even get locks on the doors despite all of Bunny's events there--Cassie Cupcake finally set up a meeting between Bunny and Dean Watson on February 3, 2022 to make a direct pitch. Later that night, Bunny cried to find locks on Bahama Mamas' doors, counter pick-up trays, cash registers, and a fridge (full of alcohol and lucky sushi).

On February 4, 2022 as a result of Emma Gaine's mayoral re-election victory, Bunny became a Deputy Mayor of Los Santos.

The Hive Raided

The barn.jpg

After the police raided Rocky Topps on February 11, 2022 for cornering Dick Chiclets' weed strain, Randy Wrangler raided Dick's apartment and Maison Ricard the following day in a weed trafficking investigation. The Street Crimes Unit suspected Rocky's housemate Bunny of owning the warehouse that Dick was stashing the weed in. Louis Bloom even theorized that Bunny was the shadow ringleader of The Stable (despite The Stable having long broken up). On February 12, 2022, Bloom spied on her Plan Bee warehouse with a surveillance camera, and saw Bunny and Lester park a stolen box truck there. Randy Wrangler, Tracy Martell, Lea Nova, and Bloom pulled over the box truck in a felony stop and searched everything and everyone with canines. Wrangler then lied to Bunny so that the Street Crimes Unit could raid her warehouse. To Bloom's profound disappointment, he only found bee's wax, honey, and broken goods inside. Bored and disinterested, Wrangler let Bunny go without any charges and went on to raid Marie Ortiz's properties and vehicles. Martell was confused to find Kirk Jerkems' bag of baby turtles inside of Marie's beachside house.


Bunny's dormant co-persona Doe wrote, sang, and released a new single "stranger" on March 5, 2022 that hit #1 on the Los Santos music chart by March 8, 2022. The lore is that Doe is one of three eternal beings in charge of life and death. Doe fell in love with humans as a whole, chose to live a human life, and reincarnated as Bunny so she could experience that love and struggle first hand. Peren Meliamne is her immortal assistant. Doe's song titles, lyrics, and text messages are stylized in all lower-case letters.

Mayoral Campaign against Ramee El-Rahman

On March 16, 2022, Cerberus revealed that they would back Bunny's mayoral campaign. Bunny's campaign manager Nancy Drew helped her canvass voters from gang members to police officers. They secured the endorsements of incumbent mayor Emma Gaine and former mayors Andi Jones and Denzel Williams. At a contentious press conference in the Cerberus Business Center on March 22, 2022, Bunny officially announced her run for mayor.

Although both Bunny and Cerberus wanted to run a clean campaign against her political opponent Ramee El-Rahman, Cerberus began to test Bunny's morals by pressuring her to overpromise and front for votes. Ramee's aggressive stumping and loud Twatter presence made both Bunny and Nancy second-guess Cerberus' measured approach. Then after both Ramee and Bunny stumped at a Davis PD meeting, Senior Deputy William Gunner warned Bunny that a body double had been trying to frame her for terrorism. Afterward thanks to a flagged plate alert from Sgt. Sexton Hardcastle, Nancy discovered a hot uzi that Mr K had planted in Bunny's Range Rover. Hardcastle gave Nancy and Bunny car bomb detectors, and Bunny subsequently had to avoid taking out her Range Rover and being alone without an alibi.

Inhibited by Cerberus' instructions to ignore Ramee's increasingly ugly campaign, Bunny stayed the course with media interviews, grassroots canvassing, events, signs, leaflets, a booth, and a mayoral debate where rival candidates, Chang Gang, and even some Cerberus Business Center tenants maligned her connection to Cerberus. On March 25, 2022, Bunny declined Vagos leader Speedy's offer to support her in exchange for co-ownership of Bahama Mamas West. However, Bunny was receptive to Speedy's second offer: investigating the private RON Corp oil monopoly that was backing Ramee's campaign and blocking Barrio Oil from expanding into the oil business. That morning, Bunny's campaign began advertising the new bunny ears that Nancy had secured in the clothing stores. Despite Cerberus' growing concerns that they were hurting Bunny's image rather than helping it, Bunny asked Leslie Lingberg for more visible support from them rather than less. She also endured conflicting opinions from constituents about how to change herself to better compete with Ramee's name recognition and "meme" appeal.


On the first day of voting on March 28, 2022, Bunny's campaign billboards (that Michael Simone had set up) loomed over the Alta Street Apartments, the City Vault, and Dean World. Chang Gang tried to vandalize them with "VOTE 4 RAMEE!" sprays. Election violence erupted on the second day of voting when Chang Gang attempted to false flag Cerberus by bombing Ramee and an audience of police officers in front of the Bob Smith Police Department. In response, Sam Baas announced that he and Jeffrey Bundy would be heading a new Counter-Terrorist Unit (CTU).


On the third day of voting, Bryce Miller nervously flew Bunny's pink campaign blimp over the city. Because Leslie had reserved them all, Chang Gang could only fly a yellow Abdul AlRahim campaign blimp in response. On the fourth day of voting, Ramee RPG'd the Abdul blimp that Mickey S, Nancy Drew, Kirk Jerkems, Felix Volk, and Pablo Loco (the creator of the Bunny campaign's scratch-off tickets) were using to clean "VOTE 4 RAMEE!" graffiti off Bunny's City Vault billboard. Undeterred, Bunny's campaign rented another blimp and completed the graffiti clean-up of all three billboards. Later that day, Chang Gang members Jaylen Carter and Miguel Almerion both missed RPG shots at Bunny's pink campaign blimp, and Ramee's allies Irwin Dundee and Pez Speedwagon ran out of ammo trying to shoot it down from a helicopter. After Air-1 chased Dundee's helicopter away, Chang Gang members Miguel, Curtis Swoleroid, and Novah Walker took off in a second helicopter in an effort to shoot down both the blimp and Air-1. When Chang Gang's helicopter began smoking and they bailed into the ocean, all three of them got picked off by the police and held until trial for terrorism.

Mentally and emotionally exhausted from all of the negative attacks, stress, sleep deprivation, and inner thoughts of morning sickness, Bunny cried cathartically on April 1st, 2022 when she was declared the winner of the mayoral election--defeating Ramee El-Rahman by 111 votes.

The overall votes for the April 2022 election

⚖️ Mayor of Los Santos

Deputy Mayors: Sean Deane, Lester Sweets, Jeffy Coldiron, Lola Sunshine, Mary Mushkin

Bunny's primary objective as Mayor was improving the civilian life in Los Santos and helping its citizens find a higher purpose than just grinding and crime. She believed that the biggest problem in Los Santos was discouraged, burnt out citizens leaving the city because they felt like their life was going nowhere. Bunny stood against violence and the death penalty, and wanted both criminals and police officers to experience fun meaningful events rather than endless negative conflicts. Bunny's mayoral priorities included:

Priority Details
Economic stimulus
  • Doubled welfare checks from $112 per hour to $200 per hour as stimulus against the rise in unemployment caused by the Senate's permanent closures of the Dean World Night Market and the Andi Jones Farmers Market.
  • Obtained Senate and Chief Judge approval to start state grants for small businesses to continue to pay employees until they can get a storefront, resulting in over four million dollars to over 30 small business applicants.
  • Reduced gas taxes to combat skyrocketing fuel prices as a result of the Federal government deregulating and privatizing the oil industry.
  • Quadrupled the EMS budget and raised EMS pay. Funded a second helicopter for Pillbox Medical Center, a new lifeguard vehicle for EMS, and the new hospital food program for feeding doctors.
  • Raised music artist pay and requested more microphones in the city (after her radio pay request was denied). Approved Robert Locksley's proposal to supply jukeboxes that could play songs and pay the royalties to the music artists.
  • Raised news reporter pay.
Outreach to the community to increase civilian involvement in their government
  • Created a new Learn Los Santos program where state-funded classes teach how to propose legislation and write business proposals.
  • Approved business proposals for the storefronts replacing the farmers markets.
  • Held 12 town hall meetings (three town hall meetings every 2-3 weeks). Provided attendees more transparency on the state budget.
Outreach to the Police Departments
  • Raised pay for the police and state officials, and requested an increase to an Andi Jones-era state cap that hadn't kept up with inflation. Asked Capt. Jenny Hall for High Command to submit a budget for PD back pay (from a state payroll bug) and compensation for the 400% increase in gas prices. Also approved Capt. Jeffrey Bundy's proposal for the state to fund gas pump construction next to Davis PD.
  • Funded Commissioner Lance Malton's request for a second tactical submarine for the PD.
  • Funded free therapy sessions for the police departments with Rocky Topps on retainer.
  • Funded Judge Alan Crane's enhanced "parole officer" program (staffed by Cpl. Dwayne Carter and Deputy Derek McNulty) where the state incentivizes businesses (starting with Ottos Autos) to employ parolees overwhelmed by huge fines.
Revival and expansion of the Parks & Recreation Department
  • Hired Charlotte Greene as Parks and Recreation's new director.
  • Created four new sub-departments: Bolingbrooke Outreach, South Los Santos Outreach, Mid-State Outreach, and Upper-State Outreach.

Political Strife

Hard feelings from the heated election carried over into Bunny's mayoral term. Chang Gang cut ties with The Mandem and fired them all from H&O Exports for not voting Ramee unanimously. Bunny kept her promise to hire Ramee's niece Mary Mushkin as Deputy Mayor after Emma's Deputy Mayor Ricardo Perez had campaigned for Ramee so publically. When anti-Cerberus sentiment provoked Cerberus to replace Ricardo with Sean Deane for the Pride event, Ricardo sought a job and Pride funding from Ramee in exchange for running as his Deputy Mayor again instead of as a mayor candidate. Ramee supporter Lt. Brian Knight, outraged by Bunny's reluctance to fund his and Kyle Pred's two million dollar bounty for wanted terrorist Michael Simone, asked Ramee to fund the bounty in exchange for dirt against Bunny. Bunny caught on to Knight's investigation of her based upon the information he tried to fish out of Nancy Drew, Clean Getaway Soap Co. Vision Director Peren Meliamne, and Pablo Loco. After Pred and Knight called Cerberus CEO Cassie Cupcake for questioning, Dean Watson and Lang Buddha whimsically informed Pred that Cerberus would fund the two million dollar bounty to stand with the PD against terrorism.

Economic Crisis

On April 19, 2022, Los Santos suffered an economic collapse due to the following changes in the city:

  • The Senate permanently closed the Andi Jones Farmers Market and the Dean World Night Market, causing most civilians to become unemployed waiting for storefronts to roll out.
  • Criminals lost income because crime apps required gang memberships to traffic drugs, boost cars, and claim banks. Also, police fines increased.
  • The Federal government deregulated and privatized the oil industry, causing fuel shortages and skyrocketing gas prices.
  • The Diamond Casino and Resort introduced roulette, causing a gambling epidemic.

As a result of the economic collapse, the citizens of Los Santos struggled to afford food, gas, and car repairs.

Bunny doubled welfare checks in the city, and convinced the Senate and Chief Judge Alan Crane to approve several million dollars worth of state grants for small businesses to continue to pay employees displaced by the market closures. Bunny and the Deputy Mayors interviewed applicants and reviewed their banking records. Bunny began awarding state grants to businesses on May 16, 2022.

State Small Business Grants
Business Applicant Grant amount
Shrugway Sandwiches Joseph Arrowhead $250,000
The Rose Garden Scarlet Rose $250,000
That's Weird Cassandra Silverton $250,000
Incarcenated Incorporated Kai B. Knight $250,000
Plus One Reina Vergara $250,000
Mojito Inn Derek Bogart $200,000
Koala Confections Clara Mellow $150,000
Come Rivington Rivera $150,000
First small business to get a state grant on 5/16/2022 Unknown recipient $100,000
McMoo's Sophia McMoo $100,000
Bean Machine Natalia Omar $100,000
Swallow Quimbley Hayabusa $100,000
River Runs River Cheever $100,000
Down Bad Records Richard Chiclets $100,000
Mato's Recycling & Lockpicks Jacob Pibb $100,000
A Taste of Paradise Summer-Rayne Solstice $100,000
Life of the ParTEE Tee Veeman $100,000
LSPI Thomas Normady $100,000
Oak & Dagger Ollivander Templeton $100,000
Artist Studio Ruby Miles $100,000
Sea Witch Publishing Ursula Leichenberg $100,000
Mask Rave Samuel Hanes $100,000
The White Rabbit Petunia Brookshire $100,000
Crowex Remothy Baxter Caldwell $100,000
Brothers Restaurant Ayub Elmi $100,000
Bogans Asher Brown $100,000
Cross Shield Serge Cross $100,000
ATLAS Jaxxon Jones $100,000
Balbani's Butchery Toni Balbani $100,000
Ministry of Divine Order Waylin Grey $100,000
Toys and Trinkets Chance Zero $100,000
Fat Panda Peach Chee $50,000

Mirror Park Oil Spill

On May 17, 2022, an oil pipe leak in Mirror Park caused oil slicks in the streets and contamination of the lake. Bunny suspected that RON Oil CEO Emma Gaine's front yard oil pump had punctured a pipe. Bunny announced that citizens should steer clear of the area and avoid drinking the tap water, and dissuaded RON Oil from adding more oil pumps to the area. In an emergency relief effort, the Mayor's Office delivered clean, bottled water to the residents of Mirror Park. The oil spill provoked environmentalist Sgt. Tessa Lamb to draft new legislation with RON Oil board member Michael Ron that would fine oil companies for unauthorized drilling and dumping (felony and misdemeanor).

Re-election Campaign against Mickey S

By the end of Bunny's two-month mayoral term, she and Sgt. Sexton Hardcastle had grown closer ("together without a label"); her ex-boyfriend Jeffy Coldiron had left town on May 24, 2022; and she had finally broken up with her long-time partner Rocky Topps on May 27, 2022. Although Ramee El-Rahman's recent criminal record made him ineligible to rerun for Mayor, Bunny became sad that she had to run for re-election against the Cerberus intern she had been flirting with, Mickey S. Because of his friendship with Lang Buddha in the Cleanbois, Bunny foresaw having to campaign without Cerberus backing her. She also dreaded the possibility of Mickey winning and then neglecting the mayoral programs and responsibilities she loved.

Bunny Bar Hop on June 3, 2022

With Bunny's life savings dwindled from self-funding her own re-election campaign (including the topmost article in the LSBN news app), Nancy Drew surprised her with a $200,000 campaign contribution on May 31, 2022. Parks and Recreation Director Charlie Greene and recreation coordinator Nicole Reynolds stepped up to plan Bunny's campaign events, i.e., a Bunny Bar Hop and Bunny's Casino Night (including two raffles of a fully-upgraded Prarie car and a baby ramp). Deputy Mayor Lester Sweets also donated half a million dollars of his own life savings to the campaign. On June 3, 2022, Bunny felt heartbroken and betrayed by ex-Mayor Emma Gaine's announcement that she was re-running for a third term with beloved ex-Chief Justice Dennis LaBarre on a "co-Mayor" ticket. Later, Chief Judge Alan Crane decreed that Emma couldn't have a co-Mayor, only a "Vice Mayor" at best.

2nd Bunny's Casino Night on June 8, 2022

After the first day of voting on June 6, 2022, Bunny cordially debated Mickey for over an hour at Mirror Park for Crane and the HOA, where Mickey countered Bunny's pragmatic rhetoric with quixotic promises. Bunny later mused that unlike her first mayoral run which she still received hatred for, Mickey's campaign (with the exception of Ricardo Perez's mud-slinging) treated her much more respectfully. Also to Bunny's relief, the mayoral debate on June 9, 2022 at Vinewood Bowl (set up by Cassie Cupcake and moderated by Crane) turned out much more civil than the previous one. Later that night, Bunny and Hardcastle moved in together at a new house he bought by the beach. On June 10, 2022 while Mickey was still comatose from two consecutive helicopter crashes, he was announced the winner of the mayoral election with 515 total votes. With a heavy heart, Bunny accepted that she'd have to advocate for her second-term campaign initiatives as a private citizen instead. Once Mickey woke up and was discharged from the ICU on June 14, 2022, Bunny met with him inside of the Mayor's Office to complete a peaceful transfer of power.

🌌 Your Ending Always

As a private businesswoman who no longer had to worry about a conflict of interest, Bunny finally bought a small-sized Vinewood Blvd storefront for Plan Bee on June 13, 2022. Bunny tested whether her cop boyfriend Sexton Hardcastle would steal a box truck with her to transport beehives, and told him that he couldn't come to her Plan Bee warehouse anymore if he was going to snoop around the other warehouses. After a search for Ethyl Winkelfiddle, Bunny confided her deepest, darkest secret to Hardcastle. The two attended the movie premiere for her break-out role in Simple Love on June 16, 2022. That same day, Bunny publically released her new single "always", and finally revealed her secret identity as the music artist Doe to the world. On June 21, 2022 when Bunny's oldest friend in the city Thomas Dwayne formally broke the news of his deteriorating lung condition to The Stable (at a reunion that she hated attending), she asked Hardcastle if he wanted to marry her that weekend so that Thomas could walk her down the aisle before his death. Hardcastle answered, "Uh, sure. Yes." Bunny and Hardcastle completed their legally binding marriage contract on June 23, 2022 with Judge Serge Cross officiating and Nancy Drew witnessing.

📀 Discography

Bunny releases her music from Down Bad Records under the pseudonym Doe.

SoundCloud Link


Title Release Date
"stranger" March 5th, 2022
"stardust" March 28th, 2022
"always" June 16th, 2022

Featured On

Title Artist Release Date
"In Here A Real Long Time (Ft. Doe)" Peren Meliamne February 11th, 2022

🎬 Filmography

🚘 Vehicles

Image Vehicle Name Description License Plate
Bunny Lectro.PNG
Lectro Green MOTRGASM
Bunny Range rover.png
Range Rover White THATSLUT
Bunny Prairie.png
Prairie White CUMBUNNY
Bunny Vortex.png
Vortex Pink PUSSYBOM

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