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Ryo "RJ" Junior is a character role-played by razzy.


Ryo Junior, also known as RJ, is known for his mixture of quietness, sassy behavior, and a touch of flirtiness.


RJ, born in South Korea, found his way to Los Santos, where he became a core member of The Besties with leaders Ming, 4Head, and AK. Embracing his new identity, he adopted the moniker "RJ" and quickly earned respect through his determination and resilience. With a knack for street smarts and natural charisma, RJ plays a pivotal role in the gang's operations, navigating the underworld with finesse. As a testament to his perseverance and loyalty, RJ continues to leave an indelible mark on the streets of Los Santos, proving himself as a force to be reckoned with in both the criminal underworld and beyond.


RJ stands tall with a medium build, his Korean heritage reflected in his sharp, angular face and defined jawline. A short, neatly trimmed beard adds a rugged appeal to his appearance, while a cross tattoo on his forehead adds an element of intrigue. Often spotted with a black bandana covering the lower half of his face, RJ embodies an aura of mystery and urban sophistication.


RJ possesses a multifaceted personality, characterized by a thoughtful introversion that belies a fierce loyalty and unwavering sense of honor. While he may appear reserved at first glance, RJ is not one to be underestimated, as he carries a quiet strength that commands respect within his circle. Despite his tendency towards silence, RJ's voice rings loud and clear when it comes to defending his friends or asserting his principles, earning him admiration for his steadfastness and integrity.

In the heat of conflict or confrontation, RJ's calm demeanor serves as a stabilizing force, allowing him to navigate tense situations with a level-headed approach. He chooses his words carefully, preferring to hold his tongue in business meetings or serious discussions, yet when pushed, he's unafraid to clap back at those who disrespect him or his companions.

RJ's loyalty knows no bounds, as he stands unwaveringly by his friends and allies, ready to defend them at a moment's notice. His commitment to his personal values is unwavering, and he refuses to compromise his principles for the sake of appeasing others, earning him the admiration of those who value authenticity and integrity.

Beyond his quiet strength and steadfastness, RJ possesses a charming charisma that captivates those around him, especially in matters of romance. With his attractive British accent and impeccable sense of style, RJ effortlessly woos the ladies, adding a touch of allure to his already enigmatic persona.

Overall, RJ's blend of introspection, loyalty, and charm makes him a respected and valued member of his community. Whether standing up for his friends, asserting his beliefs, or charming his way through social interactions, RJ's presence leaves a lasting impression on all who have the privilege of crossing his path.


The Besties Group[]


Ryo Junior, commonly known as RJ, is a prominent figure within the urban landscape of Los Santos. Born in Korea, RJ's journey led him to the bustling streets of Los Santos, where he carved out a niche for himself as a multilingual enigma. Fluent in French, English, Danish, and his native Korean, RJ's linguistic prowess reflects the diversity of his experiences.

As one of the core members of the tight-knit group known as the Besties. RJ embodies loyalty and reliability, despite his less-than-stellar driving skills. While he might not be the first choice for pickups or getaway drivers, RJ's unwavering commitment to his friends and colleagues earns him respect and admiration. He possesses a strong work ethic, evident in his accumulation of over 300 Sani Stars at his sanitation job, a testament to his dedication and diligence.

Beyond his day-to-day responsibilities, RJ is known for his charming British accent, which he employs with finesse to captivate and woo the ladies. His flirtatious nature, coupled with his suave demeanor, often leaves a lasting impression on those he encounters.

In the realm of urban warfare, RJ proves himself as a valuable asset, demonstrating proficiency as both a sharpshooter and a reliable ally during gang conflicts. His presence instills confidence in his comrades, knowing that RJ has their back when the stakes are high.

Physically, RJ is recognizable by the cross tattoo adorning his forehead, a symbol of his personal beliefs and convictions. His attire typically consists of a black bandana and a matching vest, reflecting his streetwise persona and adding to his mystique.

In terms of relationships, RJ's connections within the underworld are extensive. Speculation surrounds his involvement with notable figures such as Ash Ketchup and January Fooze, hinting at alliances that transcend mere camaraderie. Rumors also link him romantically with Lovemore, although the true nature of their relationship remains shrouded in mystery.


  • ''Your lyin''
  • ''Bitch ass''
  • ''Watch your mouth''
  • ''Shut your mouth''
  • ''Calm down''
  • ''That's crazy''
  • ''Yeah?''
  • ''We are the besties!''
  • ''Hey, wanna do Sani?''
  • ''I have over 300 stars in sani''
  • ''I was just reminiscing"
  • ''Heeellll nahh''
  • ''I'm not the brightest guy''
  • ''We all have our flaws, no? You're an exception''
  • ''This fucking guy, man.''
  • ''Not too shabby''
  • ''Right Neow!''


Ming Jingtai

Criminal Record[]

MDT Profile
Photo RJMugshot2
Licenses Drivers License: 2 Points
DNA On File
Taken by - Maeve Wolfe
Tags Besties
Criminal Record of Ryo Junior
  • (1x) Negligent Driving
  • (1x) Felony Possession of Marijuana
  • (1x) Trespassing
  • (2x) Felony Obstruction of Justice
  • (1x) Possession of a Stolen Identification
  • (2x) Third Degree Speeding
  • (1x) Improper Window Tint
  • (1x) Resisting Arrest
  • (4x) Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1]
  • (1x) Robbery of a Civilian Firearm
  • (2x) Evading
  • (1x) Money Laundering
  • (2x) Robbery of a Financial Institution
  • (2x) Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana
  • (1x) Attempted Murder of a Government Employee
  • (1x) Joyriding
Last Updated: June 30th, 2024


Image Information
South Los Santos
Grove Street 2

Shared with Lovemore Dlamini and Cisco Mendoza

Date Acquired April, 2024
Purchase Price -

Image Information
A two-door coupé. Was gifted by Cisco Mendoza. Customized with the help of January Fooze
Class A
Rating 589
Value ~$95k
Plate CII0J937
Date Acquired March/April, 2024
Upgrades -
VAF 1 (as of May 12th, 2024)
Bati 801
A sports bike
Class S
Rating 778
Value $124,852
Plate 7RY3ES9E
Date Acquired May 16th, 2024
Upgrades 100mm Turbo
Itali GTB
A two-door super car
Class S
Rating 783
Value $419,824
Plate CS36E1P3
Date Acquired June 28, 2024
Upgrades 100mm Turbo