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Ryan Parker is a character role-played by curvyelephant.

General Description[]

Ryan Parker is a petty criminal, and is taken by the way.
He was married to Reed Dankleaf of the Lost MC, and used to be Old Lady in the MC. He got adopted by Paddy and Catherine Scratch-Patrickson, after it became clear that Reed wants to get separated from Ryan, to keep him close to the club.

He used to work as a salesman at Premium Deluxe Motorsport (PDM), and then as a mechanic at Hayes Auto Body Repairs. However, he has quit both jobs and is now a Manager at Harmony Repairs Garage.

Ryan is considered as one of the best drivers in the city, and can sometimes be seen taking part in the racing scene.


Ryan was initially soft-spoken in his early days in the city, with a meek personality. Over time, he grew to be more outspoken and headstrong as he navigated through the ups and downs of life in San Andreas, and through the people he met along the way.

Due to his dislike of guns and his dainty voice, he is usually underestimated by everyone. When put in a corner, Ryan will viciously defend himself, and the people he cares about.

He can also be described as a very petty person when he is being wrongly accused or is put in a situation that isn't fair to him.

Physical Description[]

He is a 29-year-old male with a high-pitched voice. He has a baby face, a fluffy blonde mohawk, and fair skin, and wears a pair of glasses.

He is typically seen wearing either his signature leopard print suit or bright colorful clothing; but will dress in all black when a situation is intense, or his own life is in danger.


Reed Dankleaf

Ryan and Reed have been married since August 18, 2019. They were not only partners in life, but also partners in crime. After a lengthy trial, Reed and Ryan successfully divorced on January 17, 2022.

Rachel Parker

Rachel is Ryan's older sister and enjoys picking on Ryan. However, Ryan is typically very protective of her.

The Lost MC

When Ryan and Reed first began dating in 2019, their relationship was met with mixed reactions from the bikers. Nowadays, Ryan is considered as part of the Lost family and even got adopted to keep him close.

Mia Mersion

Ryan and Mia are long-time friends. The pair bonded over similar criminal interests years ago, and were partners in crime working on con jobs. After a long time not seeing each other, the two crossed paths once again.

Trivia, Quotes, and Clips[]

  • Claims to be fluent in "Spanisho". (He is not.)
  • Ryan owns an Asbo and a Penumbra that he bought from Wyatt Mersion.

  • "I'm taken!" - said to basically everyone he meets.
  • "REED!!!" - said basically every day.
  • "No prroblllemo!"
  • "Nailed it!"
  • "Mahneeeeeeeey!"
  • "This is Ryan Parker, Top PDM Salesman, how can I help?" - said when answering phone only minutes after getting hired at PDM.


Played By: curvyelephant

Main Characters: Matt RhodesRyan Parker

Additional Characters: Kevin ShawBrad Berkley

Main Characters: Matt RhodesRyan Parker

Additional Characters: Kevin ShawBrad Berkley