Ryan Parker is a character role-played by curvyelephant .

General Description Edit

Ryan Parker is a 25 year-old male, also known as the most wholesome criminal in all of Los Santos. He has a baby face with a fluffy blonde Mohawk, fair skin, and is typically seen wearing either his black helmet, a black hoodie, black pants, and black shoes, or some silly combination of colorful clothes.

Ryan previously worked at Clucking Bell Farms, but currently works at Premium Deluxe Motorsport. He claims to be (and is) the #1 salesman of PDM. He also has a job as a mechanic at QuickFix and commonly advertises for both of them. Ryan has a love for cars, more specifically a love for station wagons. He enjoys bragging about how he owns all of them and is seen driving them around the city very frequently.

Con Crime Life Edit

Due to his dislike of guns and dainty voice, he is usually underestimated by everyone. When put in a corner, Ryan will viciously defend himself, and the people he cares about. He is the designated getaway driver and thermite master on jobs.


Ryan and Mia Mersion on a con job.

He often works on con jobs with his best friend Mia Mersion, and together they have successfully robbed multiple Fleeca Banks and the City Bank Vault, without any hostage.

Ryan is one of the best drivers in the city, and constantly escapes the police in whatever vehicle he is driving. He enjoys racing with his Banshee and wants to start station wagon races eventually. Ryan believes himself to be a station wagon connoisseur.


Family Edit

Rachel Parker - Sister

Rachel is Ryan's older sister and enjoys picking on Ryan. However, Ryan is typically very protective of her. He goes as far to say that "she's taken" to prevent anybody from hitting on her.

Rachel and Ryan have done several jobs together while both keeping the same mindset of making it fun for everybody involved. Ryan was the first person to teach Rachel how to rob a convenient store and still has yet to teach her how to be as good of a driver as he is.

Reid Dankleaf - Husband

Ryan met Reid while being taken hostage for a bank robbery. On a later date, Ryan ran into Reid, where Ryan received all his stolen items and money back. They began to hang out after that.

As time went on, Reid began to show a little more than interest for Ryan and continuously pushed him into being in a relationship. To many of those offers, Ryan said no, repeating himself and even saying, "I'm not gay."

Napoleon Dankleaf - Son

Gazz Maloo - Adopted Son

Lucille "Lucy" Hellman - Daughter-in Law

Aaron Flocko - Grandson

Lost MC Edit

Rudi Rinsen

Catherine Scratch

Al Weaselton

Reginald "Reggie" Campbell

Criminal Record Edit

Drugs and Alcohol
  • Arson x1
  • Burglary x1 
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1] x2 
  • Evading x1 
  • Failure to Obey Traffic Control Devices x1 
  • First Degree Speeding x1 
  • Grand Theft x1 
  • Joyriding x4 
  • Kidnapping x3 
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Cocaine x1 
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Controlled Dangerous x1 
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Crack x1 
  • Obstruction of Justice x1 
  • Reckless Evading x7 
  • Resisting Arrest x5 
  • Robbery x7 
  • Tampering With a Vehicle x2 
  • Trespassing x2 
  • Unauthorized Parking x1 
  • Vandalism of Government Property x1 

Drivers License: 4 Points (Valid)

Quotes Edit

  • "REID!!!" Said basically every day.
  • "Free pasta, no spices!" Said to Tribble during a Fleeca Bank robbery.
  • "I'm getting married to Reid so I can take his money."
  • "Begone; only I can wear a purple hoodie." Said as a local wearing the same hoodie as him disappeared.
  • "I'm Taken!"


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