Ryan Parker is roleplayed by curvyelephant .

Description Edit

Brand new, baby faced criminal in Los Santos, recently hired as a trucker for the chicken factory. The city is going to eat him up like he eats a plate of soft cookies. He is Rachel Parker's younger brother.

Due to his dislike of guns and dainty voice he is usually underestimated by everyone. When put in a corner, Ryan will viciously defend himself and the people he cares about. The designated getaway driver and thermite master on jobs. He often works on con jobs with his best friend Mia Mersion, and successfully robbed Fleeca Banks and the Vault without any hostage.

Ryan is happily taken by Reid Dankleaf, and has accepted his fate as an old lady and mother to Gazz Maloo and Napoleon Dankleaf. Together, the family goes on wholesome and shitlordy adventures using one of the three family station wagons he bought with Reid's money.

Quotes Edit

  • "REID!!!" Said basically every day.
  • "Free pasta, no spices!" Said to Tribble during a Fleeca.
  • "I'm getting married to Reid so I can take his money."
  • "Begone, only I can wear a purple hoodie." Said as a local wearing the same hoodie as him disappeared.
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