Ryan Carthus is a tarot reader roleplayed by concentrati0n7.


A man possessing mystic abilities, Ryan can be found in the Comedy Club doing tarot readings for the denizens of Los Santos. He may also be spotted in the hood doing such readings to stray cats. He does his job well, satisfying most of his customers to the point of gaining repeats.

Ryan truly believes he is a necromancer at heart, with the ability to hold seances and commune with the dead. He might also be able to revive a dead person, provided that the toll for such a task is met. He has not had the opportunity to showcase either of these abilities.

While tarot reading is his main gig, he also occasionally works as a taxi driver and works for Weazel News. He is also in the process of setting up a job finding service.

Ryan also has a heart defect, which prevents him from doing overly strenuous activity. He perceives this disadvantage as a trade off for his more supernatural talents. He visits Pillbox from time to time to get check ups.


Ryan is a mild-mannered man, cordial to most of the people he meets. He has shown himself to be pretty selfless at times, once even giving some basic supplies to a local homeless man.


Ryan has stated that he's from Vice City, though it isn't true. His mother told him that he was adopted, which led him to the path of moving to Los Santos. Carthus is his adopted family's surname.


  • Ryan dislikes dogs, due to an unknown incident in his past.
  • Has given tarot readings while he was being held hostage multiple times. Talk about dedication to the job.
  • Once read tarot to a rotting corpse of a clown. (One of the drawn cards was death)
  • He brought Arious "Breezy" Campbell back to life.


  • "These cards do not tell you the past, or the future, but it will give you some clarity of the present."
  • "I killed a clown."
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