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Rufus Wilburn is a character role-played by MikeHorrorible.


Rufus was the youngest son born to a junkie mother and raised in a family of Meth addicts. The Wilburn family of 13 (Ma & Pa, 6 sisters, 4 brothers) were all crammed into a tiny cabin in the backwoods near Sandy Shores. Rufus's sisters were the breadwinners of the family, selling themselves off every night to the nearby towns of Paleto and Sandy to help support the family's drug habit. It didn't take long for his sisters to find themselves with children of their own, and the Wilburns decided it best to expand out; building more cabins to house the growing families. Once it was decided that they were going to build a wall around the camp to keep out unwanted visitors, Rufus decided it was time to head into the city and try other things. A simple man with simple plans.

Played By: MikeHorrorible
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