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RUE MINMI is a character role-played by Cutieno.

Before Los Santos

Rue Minmi was born in Sydney Australia, Rue is fiercely loyal to those she is close to, although she can turn her back on people she knows if it means helping out someone she cares about. Although Rue isn’t the brightest she does learn quickly and will help her close friends in need.. When Rue was a kid her days were spent playing in the bush, exploring caves and climbing trees on her own as her parents weren't attentive to her. Rue found her love for all things dinosaur in primary school when she would sit in the library and read all the dinosaur books she could get her hands on, she would try drawing all sorts of dinosaurs to pass the time.

As Rue got into her early high school years she was taken out of school and made to sell drugs for her parents although at the time she didn’t know what these weird bag’s she was selling were. Rue slowly felt more isolated as she got older from not having many friends and being ignored by her parents which made her yearn for a normal life, so when she turned 18 to assert her independence she took up a tattoo apprentice which gave her just enough money to move out of home into a run down apartment, soon after moving out her parents cut Rue off as she was no longer a use to them.

As Rue was finding her new independence and making her apartment feel more like time she found herself falling in love with a girl named Alex the two hit it off fast, spending time at each other's houses, within a few months Alex had practically moved into Rue’s dingy apartment. Rue and Alex started to move forward with their lives together, Alex going to a police academy becoming a cop and Rue being promoted from an apprentice tattoo artist to a full time tattoo artist.

During these 3 years of Rue being with Alex were genuinely her most joyful years, this was until Rue answered the door to Alex’s colleagues informing Rue that Alex has been shot and killed during a drug bust, when Rue was informed about Alex it crushed her she spent months not getting out of bed letting her bank account almost drain down completely. Rue, knowing she needed to get out of her rut, decided to use the last of her money to go to Los Santos for a new start and to find new friends or even a family.


"Yo-yo it's Rue, I need a beer!"

"I will do anything for a mate."