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Rudi Rinsen is a character role-played by Darthbobo77.

At this time the information on this page are from 3.0!

General Description[]

Rudi Rinsen is the President of the Lost MC.

Having pummeled two persons to death, he landed in prison for seven years, and got out in early February 2021.

Physical Description[]

Rudi is in his forties and is a self-proclaimed "German oak".

He started to wear an eye patch in May 2019 after he was slashed in the right eye, but has now switched it for a glass eye. He owns a set of different ones which he claims are marbles he has stolen from some kids.

As of November 2020, he grew out a beard and appears more buffed up as a result of taking steroids. He also sports new tattoos; among those are three roses inked on his back and the name 'Reggie' on his chest, as a tribute to his four Lost brothers who passed away.


Rudi has a gruff and blunt personality. He prides himself in being a man of his word.

Background Information[]

Rudi was born and raised in Germany, and was a member of the Lost MC chapter there before moving to San Andreas. He had a wife named Heidi Müller who used to work at a bar in Sandy Shores but was shot and killed one day on her way home, though her killer was never found.

The Lost MC[]

Rudi joined the Lost MC chapter in San Andreas back when it was still operating in Los Santos in 2017. When former President Reginald "Reggie" Campbell had to leave Los Santos for a period of time, Reggie stepped down and Rudi took over. He has since then been serving as the President of the Lost to this day. As an old school biker, values pertaining to brotherhood, loyalty, respect and honor are reflected in his leadership of the MC.


  • Rudi has been long-time friends with Roman Sionis, having first met each other in Roman's hometown of Gotham City.
  • Roman's daughter, Erin Cox, will sometimes refer to Rudi as 'Uncle' as he had known her back when she was a kid.
  • Used to own a Volkswagen MK1 Rabbit Golf GTI, described as being his childhood car. It was later on sold to Happy D'Klown.
  • His primary personal vehicle is currently a Cliffhanger motorcycle, that was offered to him by Ug Ug before he left the city. However, Rudi hopes to someday be able to build his own Harley-Davidson motorcycle with the help of Eddie Marshall.
  • In June 2023, Rudi was gifted a Sovereign motorcycle by the club.


  • "Are you fucking shitting me?!!!"
  • "You can hang up now, I'm not your girlfriend." - after ending a phone conversation.
  • "I don't like kids that much, they are unfinished humans."
  • "Rudi smash!!" - while wielding a sledge hammer.
  • "Back in the day..." - when talking about past events.
  • "I do not want any tomatoes on that fucking food, because they make the bread fucking soggy. And who wants to eat fucking soggy bread? Not me." - when ordering food at Shrugway or Burger Shot.
  • "There you fucking go!" - when shooting his shottie at enemies.



Played By: Darthbobo77
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