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Ruby Morris is character role-played by Roxmiral.

Early Life[]

Ruby Morris grew up in LA with her Aunt who had many cats, she lost count after 20 cats. She claims to have killed one of her aunt's cat by picking it by it's tail and swinging around and threw it out of the window, she believes it died as she never saw the cat again. She studied Arts and played a role of doorknob when she was 16.

She doesn't know who her parents are as her aunt refuses to tell her who they were and she has lost all interest and knowing who they are or even alive. Ruby always wanted to become an actress.

Morris's Maids Agency L.L.C[]

Ruby had high hopes to become one who provides job and safe working environment for the people of Los Santos, so she started a cleaning company. She had ulterior motives as she wanted to smuggle goods from one place to another in plain sight and give space to her "workers" to be comfortable.

Soon after she got her business license, she would knock on people's houses and visit organisations, dropping her business proposals and business card to people in hopes to get contracts for cleaning services. The only well done job she was able to do was at The Lazy Taco shop which she got paid just $2000 and she bought her work car from it.

The company wasn't able to progress due to competition and lack of motivation as people weren't in need of the services. The company had to be put on hold as it was hard to pay the two maids she had.

Played By: Roxmiral
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