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Royal Anderson is a character role-played by royalbluesmile.


Royal Anderson is a therapist who works for Pillbox Medical Center. She is also very accident prone and crashes quite often.


Royal completed a 8 year doctorate program in 4. She used to work at a fertility clinic before working in the city. She also dated a cop, he asked her to marry him she said no. Her family is very very upset that she said no and freaked out on her. So she dyed her hair, got a tattoo and moved to LS. She has a tattoo on her right hip of an anatomically correct heart in red ink about the size of a quarter. She has a mother, and two older brothers. Her father, Ronald Anderson, used to be an alcoholic, her mother kicked him out when she was 3 and she had not seen or heard from him since then.


Played By: royalbluesmile
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