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Rounda Block is a character role-played by hobbittrash.


Rounda has big titties and a big fat ass.


Rounda is the daughter of Mike Block. Angry at her twin brother Holden for blowing out the candles on the cake of their 8th birthday. Has 3 kids, who she claims the fathers are Dennis Labarre, Russell Coyote and Midas Campenetti. She is one of the only people in the Block family who has yet to graduate from MIT, and is currently working towards her masters. Constantly makes reference to the sexual acts her teachers make her do for good grades, not realizing its a problem. She got special heels for Holden that make a clicking sound, so he knows where she is at.


  • "I had a baby, and now it's in bootcamp.. she was being a bitch, so I sent her ass to MIT bootcamp."
  • "Aight bet."
  • "What's your number?"

Played By: Hobbittrash
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