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Rory O'Banion is a character role-played by Kyle.

General Description

Rory O'Banion is an Attorney for the Department of Justice, he is the founder of the Steele O'Banion & Friends Law Firm. He rents an office space in Little Seoul next to the The Jeweled Dragon.

Physical Description

Rory is a 31-year-old Caucasian male with naturally black hair and a short, trimmed beard. He usually styles his hair in a slicked-back businessman look.


Rory is a charismatic, and confident man who uses his silver tongue in combination with seduction, flattery, and embellishment to persuade individuals and actions to his own benefit or favor. He has no issue taking anything to court whenever he gets the chance, no matter how minor the case.

Background Information

Rory was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts alongside his twin sister, Shannon O'Banion. After he graduated from Harvard Law School, he moved to Los Santos and became a Defense Attorney for both civil and criminal cases.


Shannon O'Banion - Sister

Shannon O'Banion is Rory's biological twin sister, after their reunion in Los Santos, Shannon managed to get her Bar License reinstated and joined the O'Banion Law Firm as an Attorney for a short while, before moving on to continue legal work for herself.

Amber Gold - Ex-Assistant

Amber Gold used to work alongside Rory before she joined the Police Department. She had been working as Rory's Paralegal for a while, as well as taking on the job as Rory's assistant, helping him with his everyday tasks such as keeping his schedule, organizing meetings, and picking up his dry cleaning.

Amber manages to keep her calm in the chaos that is Rory, and acts as a counterbalance to his entropy. During their meetings with clients she can usually be seen feverishly noting down important details, along with adapting pointers and behaviours from Rory.

She had since been able to get her own Bar License and joined the O'Banion Law Firm as an Attorney, before moving on to becoming a police officer.


Clients on Retainer


  • "Rory O'Banion, ya' loyal companion."
  • "I want you to know something, alright."
  • "Bingo!"


  • Is currently undefeated in court.


Played By: Kyle

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