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Roman Sionis was a character role-played by ConnorCronus.

General Description

Roman Sionis was a wealthy multi-business owner, who was originally from Gotham City and came to Los Santos in early February 2021.

Background Information

Roman was a multi-billionaire businessman based in his hometown of Gotham, and owning several businesses, most notably in the steel industry and the cosmetics industry.

After an incident, Roman came under investigation of a federal crime and his assets were frozen. He had since then managed to slip past the scrutiny of the law enforcement in Gotham, and had come to Los Santos with his daughter.


Roman suffered medically for months prior to his death. It was during late March 2022 that he was taken to Pillbox Medical Center during a collapse and placed into a medical coma in order to stop the progression of his organ problems.

However, after waking up a few months later on May 31st 2022, he was made aware by doctors that his condition would only worsen but his life could be prolonged with medical help. Despite doctors pleas, Roman checked himself out of hospital and decided to use up all his energy on one last day with his friends. After an eventful last day, he collapsed while at Iron Hog Repairs and by the time he reached the hospital, was announced as deceased.


Sionis Industries

A large industrial metal foundry located in East Los Santos. Sionis Industries is a billion-dollar business company, founded in the early 1800s by one of Roman's ancestors.

Sionis International

Import/export business company operating out of the now-defunct military base in Fort Zancudo, in partnership with AirX. Amongst its services, Sionis International offers businesses in San Andreas the opportunity to expand and sell their products on an international scale.

Sionis Investments

An investment firm that provides financing solutions, currently in terms of loans to government workers.


Roman has a daughter, Erin Cox, whom he cared deeply for and was fiercely protective of.

He was also a long-time friend of Lost MC President, Rudi Rinsen, having first met each other in Gotham in the past.

Roman appeared to have a strained relationship with Jack Knaves, also known as the Joker, as seen during an encounter at the foundry. The two had known each other since their time in Gotham, with Roman having developed a deep-rooted hatred for Jack whom he blamed for his wife's death.


  • His full name is Roman Beauvais Sionis.
  • His primary personal vehicle was a Z-Type car.


  • "Don't crinkle the suit." - while suffering a hug.
  • "You spent $75k on a champagne that I could have got you for $35k!" - arguing with his daughter over her spending.



Played By: ConnorCronus
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