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Roland Nelson is a character role-played by theLGX.

General Info

Roland is an enigmatic character best known for his precarious lifestyle of letting a pair of dice decide every decision he makes. It has gotten him into trouble a number of times, but he stands by his motto "live by the dice, die by the dice."

Owns a taxi business, named Lucky Taxi where he rolls his die to decide whether to pick up passengers or not and where to drop them off. During the taxi ride he usually talks with the passengers about how he got into the Dice Life and persuade people into the Dice Life.

He is usually seen wearing a high class jacket with a yellow/brown checkered pattern, aviators, a grey shirt, slim black trousers and oversized shoes, which he claims are very expensive.


Roland Nelson was born and raised in Los Santos, San Andreas. Not much is known about his early life but sometime in the past couple of years he got into gambling and loved the feeling of excitement and adrenaline, so much so that he decided “why lose that feeling when you leave the casino when you can feel that way all the time”. That’s when he decided to live his life like a gamble, rolling a pair of die for every decision he makes.

Dice Rules

There are people in the city that take advantage of the dice rolls, like asking Roland for his money or asking the same question again to get answer they want. Such people are known as "Dice Abusers". To protect the integrity of the dice rolls against Dice Abusers, Roland has certain rules in place:

  • No rolling the dice when money is involved. [Changed to include rolling when buying something]
  • No rolling the dice again for repeat questions. [will now allow many rephrases]
  • No rolling the dice for questions that puts the dice in harm.
  • No rolling the dice for gambles at the casino. [Changed to don’t have to roll when at Casino]
  • No rolling if the question is to harm someone (Court Ordered to add this rule) [Changed by self to not count indirect harm as under court order]

Major changes not to do with specific rules:

  • (New development) will not roll when angry.
  • At the very start of 3.0 when Molly held a gun to his head and ordered him to to what she said, he complied, but that would be one of the last times he wouldn’t roll for an order or question like phrase (Exept a few times when it was very beneficial, comedic or life threatening)

As time moves on and he goes more insane the rules of the dice get looser each and every day.

Interesting Events

Events decided by the dice include (but are not limited to):

  • Axe murdering a cop after being prompted to do so by Lang Buddha.
  • Snitching Molly Minaj's plan to buy Sven Snusberg a gun without a license to the police.
  • In his first official gambling event hosted by Leland Jones, Roland won the $1,000 prize.
  • Roland was pulled over and handcuffed by Kael Soze of the LSPD for suspicion of possession of a stolen car. While Soze and his partner Dan Faily were distracted, Roland ran, still cuffed. Roland spent hours running around the city cuffed trying to find a way to get himself out of the handcuffs. "Downbad" Mickey helped him tremendously on this venture and getting him out of the cuffs.
  • Conspired to assassinate the mayor Andi Jones but was stopped by Lil Erf before it could take place.
  • Broke his legs after doing a back-flip off the Maze Bank Tower after saving the life of Frank Fritugo during a routine fishing trip.


Clyde Eastside (Best Friend)

Clyde aka Meowfurryon and Roland are best friends. They are GAMBA buddies. They gamble together and win huge amounts of money at the casino blacjack tables. The two have helped each other pay off their debts through gambling. (Roland is yet to find out that his best friend has passed away).

Dawn Hearte (Friend)

Dawn is one of Roland's closest friends. Whenever Dawn is around Roland, he's able to convince her to take up the dice life. Both were engaged for a while as they rolled dice and got 1 for the questions about marriage. After being back and forth about marrying each other due to dice rolls, they ended up going to couples therapy with Regina Bunny where they rolled the dice a final time about the marriage and got a 2. They are still close friends and whenever Roland is down bad she is ready to help him whenever possible.

Kat's last text to Roland

Kat Jones (Girlfriend)

Kat met Roland when he was doing a car raffle scheme. Kat ended up buying 4 tickets which earned her a date with Roland. During the date due to dice rolls the relationship became official. Kat cared for Roland and gave him money to feed his gambling addiction whenever she could. But due to the nature of the dice rolls their relationship was unstable. On June 9th 2021 Roland recieved a weird text message from Kat and later in that day found out that Kat had passed away. Roland was distraught after hearing the news and has been down horrendous since.

Sven Snusberg (Frenemy)

Roland has run into the Swede a number of times by now, starting with being the taxi driver for his friends collecting him from prison after serving a sentence. He once again met Sven the next day, where another dice roll decided to ruin Svens day by almost getting him arrested by the police. This has since led to a rising rivalry between the two, with Sven stealing his dice and only giving them back after getting blackmailed by Roland, as well as Sven almost beating him up on several occasions.

Bogg Dann (Friend)

Stole Roland's main pair of dice after Roland came to him for help. This left Roland unable to make decisions until the dice were retrieved. Bogg has since given the dice back to Roland. Despite this they have become friends and can been seen being wicked with their BIMX bikes

Bianca Walters (Friend)

Bianca and Roland are good friends. They are partners in crime. Since both of them are down bad most of the time they sometimes work(mostly crime stuff) together to make money.

Swan DeLeur (Friend)

There is currently an interesting dynamic between Swan and Roland. She and Roland were riding around discussing Roland's love of the fate of the dice when he suggested she start trying it out. During each interaction they have, she rolls dice to determine some things. Although, not on every decision like Roland would. Although it's in Swan's nature to flirt, there seems to be a different level between the two. Will this evolve into a relationship? Stay tuned! #Swoland

  • Copy/Pasta for #Swoland: The year is 2050, Nopixel is played by less than 10 people. Roland has finally rolled a 1 on the question “will you ever make #swoland a thing”, “Swan I did it!” he yells excitedly. The sound echoes through the empty streets. Swan left long ago... (Credit: Shines_u)

Mickey S (Friend)

After running from the Los Santos Police Department while handcuffed for about one hour, Roland reaches many people from help yet they all reach he conclusion that selling Roland out would net them some money. Putting greed over morals, everyone decides to try and exchange Roland for a reward. Everyone but "Downbad" Mickey. After running into him Mickey does everything in his power to help Roland.

"I must do it, we must stick together, the downbad, the downtrodden. Currently you're not downbad Dice Guy, you're down horrendous. All I ask of you is that if you see someone who is currently downbad, you help them too" - "Downbad" Mickey

After Roland is out of cuffs and his dice retrieved, he promises Mickey that whatever he needs, no matter what it is Mickey asks of him, Roland will repay his debt.


  • "The dice knows all"
  • “The die don't lie”
  • “Respect the dice”
  • “Live by the die, die by the die”
  • “A man who loves fate, risks, and a good gamble”


  • Roland also owns a lucky coin as a back up, in case his dice gets stolen.
  • Roland claims that his fate and the fate of his dice are intrinsically linked and that any time of the two of them being apart might cause serious calamity.
  • Roland is the author of LS bestseller Roling With The Punches. "Rolling With The Punches" Audio Book
  • Roland has created the Church of Six Sides where he will be known as the High Roller. "ALL IN".
  • Roland is the owner of
  • Likes feet And Has a thing for watching people kiss
  • Roland's inmate number is #0690
  • Fursona is a spider.
  • Is colourblind in brown eye
  • Was once female for a day.


  • Roland Goes To Jail - Roland Nelson goes to jail for ALLEGEDLY trying to hatchet an officer. (Credit to theLGX on Youtube)
  • Snitches Get Stitches...And Lose Dice - After snitching to the police, Roland's lucky die get stolen by Sven Snusberg and he'll do anything to get them back... (Credit to theLGX on Youtube)
  • Roland's Great Escape - Roland gets himself in a tricky situation and spends 2 hours trying to get out of handcuffs (Credit to theLGX on Youtube)
  • Roland vs Mayor Jones - Roland gets asked to take out Mayor Jones....multiple times.... (Credit to theLGX on Youtube)
  • Best Fishing Trip Ever - Roland, Frank and Bogg go on a fishing trip that ends up on the top of the tallest building in Los Santos... (Credit to theLGX on Youtube)
  • Roland vs The PD - Roland has a run in with the police...or a wheel-in I should say... (Credit to theLGX on Youtube)
  • Roland Goes to Court - Roland has a big court case that will change the very way he lives... (Credit to theLGX on Youtube)
  • Roland Rolls In D&D - Roland rolls in D&D and ends up in HOA court... (Credit to theLGX on Youtube)
  • Roland Performs Surgery - Roland finds a new eye for Marvin and perfoms surgery with the help of Johnny Silverhand... (Credit to theLGX on Youtube)
  • Best Lawyer Ever - Roland gets hired as a lawyer for HOA court by Meowfurryon...(Credit to theLGX on Youtube)
  • Roland Down Bad - Roland takes out a big loan and tries to pay it back in time...(Credit to theLGX on Youtube)
  • Roland Saves The Casino - Roland finds out the casino is closed indefinitely...(Credit to theLGX on Youtube)
  • Roland Infiltrates Burger Shot - Roland infiltrates Burger Shot to get all the toys....(Credit to theLGX on Youtube)
  • Operation Happy Meal - Roland and Billy plan a toy heist on Burger Shot...(Credit to theLGX on Youtube)
  • Roland and Bogg Reunited - Roland and Bogg are reunited and chaos in the city occurs...(Credit to theLGX on Youtube)
  • Roland Robs The Jewelry Store - Roland teams up with Bianca and Nebula to rob the jewelry store. Will they get away with the goods or get arrested trying?(Credit to theLGX on Youtube)


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