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Rod Long is a character role-played by beetleballs.

General Description

Rod Long is a Criminal.


Rod started in Los Santos as a Civilian and after some time developed a good relationship with the HOA and hung out with them quite often. After a difficult situation, HOA decided Rod stepped over boundaries and the situation escalated, so that Andi Jones shot Rod in the head and left him on a mountain.

Rod was unsure if he can rebuild the relationship with HOA and additionally TJ Walker from the BBMC offered him to become a Hangaround for the club.

Rod could reconnect with HOA and is currently trying to become HOB.

MDW Profile

Criminal Record of Rod Long
Grand Theft Auto 2
Possession of Contraband in the Third Degree 1
Felony Obstruction of Justice 2
Second Degree Speeding 1
Failure to Stop 2
Reckless Evading 1


  • Is getting cancelled on Twatter daily by Nancy Drew.
  • Doesn't like to be without his mask, will put it immediately on again after losing it.
  • Traffics weapons sometimes.
  • Has a habit of standing on top of cars.