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Rocky Topps is a character role-played by ReverendCatino.

General Description

Rocky Topps is Los Santos' most sought after motivational speaker, emotional janitor, unlicensed therapist, submarine enthusiast, sanitation expert, ect. He can usually be found inspiring people at the Rooster's Rest and Pillbox Medical Center, or more recently as a mechanic at Hayes, or dancing at the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club.


  • "I take responsibility."
  • "Well, well, well..."
  • "As I live, and as I breathe..."
  • "I love you too" (said stand alone, with no one saying, "I love you" first)
  • "Are you playing Snood?"
  • "Psst...hey..."
  • "You look Tommy Wiseau from The Room"


  • Has a tattoo of the word "Respect" on his lower back. He got this tattoo along with his friend Nancy Drew, who has a matching tattoo but she has since had it removed for convenience purposes.
  • Had a relationship with one of Timothy Snapple Jr's 14 moms.
  • Before spiritual healing session he conducted on CherryClaire Dinwittie, Cherry confessed to murdering her boyfriend.
  • Really loves a good guided tour.
  • Is in a ethically, non-monogamous relationship with Sabith Cohen, AKA "Bunny".
  • Formerly lived in Los Santos in 2013 and worked as a dancer under the name Rocky Bottoms.
  • Is branded as a member of The Stable.
  • Is the one-time, limousine-riding champion.
  • Is also the one-time, top-shelf drinking champion.
  • Has three nipples, yet to be named.