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Robert Locksley is a character role-played by Yawger.


Robert Locksley works as a lawyer and financial advisor for numerous businesses in the city. Normally doing his work behind the shadows, very little information is known publicly about himself apart from the businesses he does work for.

Holding a strong financial background, 'Locksley' as he's known to many as, owns his own private financial firm called Locksley Financial. Very little is known on his financial side apart from the known fact that he owns a bank in the city (Bay City Bank)

His business dealings and legal dealings vary around the city, but in particular does a lot of the legal and business dealings with written proposals and contracts for Chang Gang businesses, most recently helping with the establishment of Chang Gang Investments and obtaining properties and companies under the CGI banner.

After a months-long hiatus, Locksley returned to Los Santos on May 23, 2022. He received a Chang Gang chain the same day, in recognition of his loyalty and involvement with the gang's legal and illegal activities.


Played By: Yawger20
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