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Robert Goodman is a character role-played by ironmonkeytv.

General Description

Robert Goodman, better known as Phoenix, is a Prospect of the Lost MC and is the twin brother of Bobby "Dragon" Goodman.

Background Information

Phoenix was a member of the Lost MC chapter in Liberty City, which was originally led by his brother. Despite Phoenix shunning leadership positions, his brother left the club in his hands before moving to San Andreas where he later met his death under unknown circumstances.

About a year later, things took a turn for the worse for the Liberty chapter when the bikers were ambushed during a drug deal, which resulted in many casualties. Only Phoenix and two other members survived.

The Lost MC

On April 4, 2021, Phoenix set out to San Andreas and met with the Lost MC chapter in Blaine County. He brought them the news of the end of the Liberty chapter and the death of his brother - with whom they were acquainted

He also handed over his patch to club President Rudi Rinsen in the hopes that he can redeem himself by working his way to earning it back again. Rudi and the club members present agreed on taking Phoenix in as a hangaround.

Phoenix was prospected into the MC on May 3rd, 2021.


  • "Lost MC for lajf" - graffiti.

Played By: ironmonkeytv
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