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Rob Banks is a character role-played by Vader.

General Description[]

Rob Banks is a Cadet for the Vinewood Police Department, Badge #571.

He was a Corrections Officer for the Department of Corrections, Badge #762. He was hired as a Ride Along by Jackie Snow on January 1st, 2021. As of March 2021, Rob has applied to be a cadet. He's been working a part time job at the Burger Shot and was a CI for Jackie Snow and Sam Baas in the meantime.


Rob was a police officer in London, but he got tired of not being able to fight back against chavs who would shank him. So he decided to move to US, more specifically Los Santos to be become a cop. As being a cop in Los Santos would allow him to carry a gun and protect himself against scumbag criminals.

Momentous Dates within the Government[]

Unified Police Department[]

Rank Insignia Note Date
Cadet CadetBCSO Hired to the BCSO; Badge #525 May 3rd, 2021
Passed Academy May 16th, 2021
Signed off on Comms by Sergeant Domenic Toretti June 1st, 2021
Signed off on Pursuits by Senior Deputy Sam Baas June 2nd, 2021
Signed off on Reports by Senior Deputy Sam Baas
Fired due to Inactivity October 1st, 2021
Cadet CadetLSPD Hired to the LSPD; Badge #571 June 3rd, 2022
Transferred to the VPD November 25th, 2022


Played By: Vader
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Vinewood Police Department

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