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Riley Johnson is a character role-played by Jayce.


Riley Johnson is the cousin of Chris "CP" Porter, and is a member of the Beatdown Crew and an OG Member of the East Side Ballas, where he is known as "Tyclone".

He started off as a young punk hustling to get by, then became a well-known rapper. After his success in the music industry, Riley embraced a more over the top style. He changed his hair style and changed his hair color to orange, and began wearing more attention grabbing outfits.

Wu Chang Records

Audition for Wu Chang Records: pepeJAM

Riley is signed to Wu Chang Records and has released a string of hit tracks. One track, "Whatever You Need" featuring Karen Dahmer, Austin Creed, Randy Bullet and Chris Porter "CP", hit 200k plays on his SoundCloud in 2 weeks.

After ups and downs with the label, Riley appears to be committed to Wu Chang Records, but beef with other labels as well his anger problems have made him a target of many people, such as Outto-Tune Tyrone. [Rivalry Clip: OTT]

Fudge Lane Ballas / "Tyclone"

After meeting up with Tyrone Biggums and hearing of his fallout with the Grove Street Ballas, Riley decided to become the first official member of Tyrone's new Ballas gang, the Fudge Lane Ballas.

As a result of his multiple personality disorder, he became a "clone" of Tyrone Biggums, known on the streets as "Tyclone". Very few people in the city know Riley and "Tyclone" are the same person.


BDC Riley



  • "Cheetos on my head but don't call me Cheeto head!"
  • "Yo, What's good mutha fucka?"
  • "Beatdown Crew bwo!"
  • "Yeah Boy!"
  • "O'aight."


  • Has a noticeable high pitched voice like his cousin CP.
  • Can talk in many different voices convincingly. Also able to disguise his identity with multiple different outfits.
  • Sees potential in inexperienced criminals, also able to show them how to wield their power, learn survival skills and the ways of the streets.
  • Flies into fits of rage from things most would just ignore and doesn't care about the consequences.
  • Has chronic paranoia and is ready to fight during every questionable interaction making him unpredictable and trigger happy.
  • Reliable driver that can escape solo in many cases but prefers to have his cousin CP riding shotgun or vice versa in certain cases because he seems to enjoy shooting from the passenger seat if it's needed.
  • Spent most of his childhood locked up in juvenile detention centers and doesn't fear time in prison. Has a depressing life story with childhood trauma which may be the reason he resorts to violence having to learn to fend for himself.


Played By: Jayce
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