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Riley Carter is a character role-played by MsTeamKK.


She's a foul-mouthed, sassy, boss ass bitch that is up to no good! She is trying to build a criminal empire with her friends. She's got a good head on her shoulders for being somewhat new to the scene but is determined to make a name for herself in the city.

Riley helps the Cleanbois / Rooster's Rest and was the Vice Prime Minister of the Bondi Boys MC before she left.

Significant History

Riley started her journey in the city by being kidnapped by Malakai Anderson and Matilda Adams. Oddly enough, Riley befriended both of them after the incident and they have been very close ever since!

After finishing up a car show in Toledo, Riley was gunned down by the Shnake Brothers. This left her with significant injuries, but she was taken to Pill Box and recovered. However, when she left she was shot again in the driveway (of Pill Box). Losing a decent amount of blood left her in grave condition, but she was successfully revived by Malakai at Grandma's house but due to the lack of blood to her brain, she know suffers from amnesia. We are unsure of the severity of it at this time, but she is having a hard time remembering any of her time in town.

In 3.0, with the revival of the Bondi Boys MC, Irwin Dundee asked Riley to become it's Vice Prime Minister, after few days, she accepted the offer and became the Vice Prime Minister of Bondi Boys MC.


Brian Knight

Riley and Brian were dating. It was a toss up before, but she settled on him after he said that he would put more effort into the relationship. However, since then, he has not made much effort.

Ramee El-Rahman

Ramee contacted her wanting to find out about her and Brian's relationship status seeing if he had a shot with her. But due to the way things panned out, Riley chose to date Brian and has not really said much to Ramee since then.

Lars "Bjorn" Haverford

Bjorn is friends with Riley Carter who he calls Princess Riley. Due to his limited social capabilities and lack of romantic and sexual experience, he does not understand that Riley sees him as more than a friend. This came to a peak when Riley broke after a argument with Bjorn. The day after she confessed her feelings. Bjorn, breaking into ooc Lars briefly, never having a girlfriend prior, was unsure of what to do. He was eventually able to relay over text that he did indeed want to be Riley's boyfriend.


Malakai Anderson

Malakai is Riley's best friend. They have had their fair share of ups and downs, but have managed to get through all of them relatively unscathed. Their most memorable fight was when Riley told Mal off for "babying" her and holding her hand through everything. She stood up for herself telling him that she could handle her own. Once they talked it out, they were fine. Malakai recently has expressed his feelings for Riley but we are unsure if she reciprocates them for certain.

She stabbed him, then immediately invited him along for a bank job with Raymond Romanov

Four Tee

Riley become 4T's 22nd friend after winning a tournament.

Other significant friendships include:

Leland Jones (cousin), Hal Apenyo, Matilda Adams, Alexandra Moroz, Carl Crimes, Piper Creed, Sophie Sanders, Ivy Rosewood, Ginger DeVine, Tony Corleone, Lang Buddha & Wei Wong.