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Riley Carter is a character role-played by MsTeamKK.

General Description

Riley Carter is a woman in her mid-twenties often recognized by her long black hair and affinity for wearing black and leather clothing. She has a foul-mouth and can sometimes come off as abrasive, but is fiercely loyal to those close to her. Growing up in foster care, Riley has a strong desire to make a name for herself in the city of Los Santos.

Riley is often seen alongside her partner in crime, Malakai Anderson. She was previously a founding member and the Vice Prime Minister of the Bondi Boys MC. She is a security specialist for C.B.P.D. and mechanic at Ottos Auto. Although not a member, Riley is a close associate and occasional boosting hacker for Redline and races under the alias of Panther.

Significant History

Riley started her journey in the city by being kidnapped by Malakai Anderson and Matilda Adams. Oddly enough, Riley befriended both of them after the incident and they have been very close ever since.

After the economic collapse, Riley found herself spending a lot of her time at the Rooster’s Rest. There she befriended the Nerds and future members of the Cleanbois. It was during this time she also met Irwin Dundee, who would later approach her about helping found/revive the Bondi Boys MC along with Barry Benson. After much deliberation, she accepted the offer and became the Vice Prime Minister. Acting as a balance for Dundee’s chaotic tendencies, the two would come to odds semi-frequently due to his reckless nature. As high command, Riley often focused on growing and maintaining connections with other groups.

This position came to head after an incident where Channing Turner shot down Benji Ramos, Chino Gonzalez, and Ash Ketchup at Clean Manor. Riley and the club came to odds over how to reconcile the situation with the Vagos, who had declared war on the BBMC over the incident. The club voted and chose that Channing Turner was not to be handed over to the Vagos, which the Vagos stated they wanted for peace, with Riley being the only patched member voting in favor. Riley would set up a meeting with the Vagos at the Billabong, which Dundee did not want to happen as the club already voted to not hand over Turner. During the meeting, BBMC were all gunned down. Dundee, out of frustration and anger that Riley went behind his back and went against the decision of the club, texted Benji that he was happy that they shot down his club, that they were dumb for not listening to him, and he should do it again. Benji sent the text to Riley who was extremely upset and threatened to leave the club. Later on she delayed a club meeting to meet with Benji again at La Fuente Blanca. During this private discussion, she attempted to enlist the backing of the Vagos to perform a coup d'etat and seize control of the club from Dundee, due to her disagreeing with the decision to not hand over Turner and belief Dundee’s actions continuously put the club in danger. When she eventually met up with the other members of the club and declared her intentions, she found that she did not have the backing of the club save for Malakai. She then declared she no longer wanted to be a part of the BBMC. Riley was declared a traitor by Dundee and while he originally intended to execute her and Malakai, Dundee changed his mind and spared them.

Since leaving, the relationship between Riley, Dundee, and some members of BBMC has been contentious. Benji Ramos, also scathing from the events of the war and the loss of his best friend, decided to enlist Riley for some of his business ventures as he saw the potential in her. In an effort to rebuild connections and capital, she got hired as a member of security at Rooster's Rest. When the security team became their own entity as C.B.P.D. she was put in place as one of its directors.

Months later, Riley used her connections to make a large investment to try and help female gangs in the city; supplying both Paris Argo and Cindy Tipton with a shipment of guns free of charge. Getting close with the girls of Mortelle, Cindy asked if Riley was interested in joining the gang. Worried about stepping on toes during the group’s infancy and still hurting from her past with BBMC, Riley decided against joining and decided to stay an independent, close associate.


Brian Knight

Riley and Brian were dating. It was a toss up before, but she settled on him after he said that he would put more effort into the relationship. However, since then, he has not made much effort.

Ramee El-Rahman

Ramee contacted her wanting to find out about her and Brian's relationship status seeing if he had a shot with her. But due to the way things panned out, Riley chose to date Brian and has not really said much to Ramee since then.

Lars "Bjorn" Haverford

Bjorn is friends with Riley Carter who he calls Princess Riley. Due to his limited social capabilities and lack of romantic and sexual experience, he does not understand that Riley sees him as more than a friend. This came to a peak when Riley broke after a argument with Bjorn. The day after she confessed her feelings. Bjorn, breaking into OOC Lars briefly, never having a girlfriend prior, was unsure of what to do. He was eventually able to relay over text that he did indeed want to be Riley's boyfriend.

In the later months of their relationship, Riley and Bjorn would spend less time together due to their commitments with their respective groups. Upon leaving the BBMC, Riley would attempt to rekindle their relationship and spent more time with Bjorn. Wishing to push the relationship further, Riley attempted to turn their relationship physical but was shot down, primarily due to the thinking of The Guild that having sex causes one to lose Elo in League of Legends.

Despite this, she attempted to open up to Bjorn by meeting with him at the Guild Hall. In order to focus on her thoughts, she allowed Bjorn to drive Malakai's Mustang as she discussed her criminal dealings in an attempt to get some honesty and commitment from him. As the conversation got more serious, Bjorn recklessly drove the Mustang which Riley warned that Malakai would not appreciate due to his jealousy of their relationship and the fact that Mal "wouldn't be upset if he was dead". Bjorn seemingly took this literally, thinking Malakai wanted to kill him despite Riley's attempt to explain the situation and crashed the vehicle along Great Ocean Highway, disabling it. Waving down a passing tow truck, Bjorn took the car and dumped it off the Dean World pier. He proceed to then call Malakai and tell him it was "on sight". Unable to reach him by phone, Riley would proceed to text Bjorn to tell him that his actions were not cool and that she thought she needed a break.

Over the following few days she would attempt to talk to Bjorn to patch things up, but got no response. After several weeks during a chance meeting at the Guild Hall, Riley and Bjorn had a quick conversation ultimately concluding that Bjorn took that text as the two of them breaking up. The two have since been cordial with each other with Riley sometimes jokingly asking if he wants to get back together.


Malakai Anderson

Malakai is Riley's best friend. They have had their fair share of ups and downs, but have managed to get through all of them relatively unscathed. Their most memorable fight was when Riley told Mal off for "babying" her and holding her hand through everything. She stood up for herself telling him that she could handle her own. Once they talked it out, they were fine.

Malakai has expressed his feelings for Riley but she has made it clear to him that their relationship will never be anything more than friendship. She also told Malakai that he needs to branch out and do things on his own and that he was "riding her coattails," something that deeply hurt him. Despite this, they still maintain their friendship, albeit it is a little bruised.

She once stabbed him, then immediately invited him along for a bank job with Raymond Romanov

Four Tee

Riley become 4T's 22nd friend after winning a tournament.

Other significant friendships include:

Leland Jones (cousin), Hal Apenyo, Ash Ketchup, Benji Ramos, Matilda Adams, Alexandra Moroz, Carl Crimes, Piper Creed, Sophie Sanders, Ivy Rosewood, Ginger DeVine, Tony Corleone, Lang Buddha & Wei Wong.


Photo Vehicle Plate Description
Riley Carter Speedo.jpg Speedo 7V5WBX4I Purchased from Linda Maridan for around $2K. Was used as her and Malakai's primary means of transportation until the purchase of his Mustang GT.
Riley Carter Massacro.png Massacro "Esme" 844WOWXK Bought in full from Premium Deluxe Motorsport on September 13, 2021 for a total of $296K, comprised of her own money and small loan from Filipe Roberto. The vehicle is painted matte black with a diamond blue pearlescent and has been fully upgraded.
Riley Carter Manchez.png Manchez "Raven" 1GIG81T0 Bought from Alex Domino on February 17, 2022 for $70K. The vehicle is fully upgraded and painted black with chrome.
Coming Soon Sentinel 6STR "Bella" B8N389WN Bought from the Tuner Shop on February 24, 2022 for just over $1M. It had an initial downpayment of 700K, 600K of which came from a loan from Malakai Anderson. The vehicle is fully upgraded and painted diamond blue with an ultra blue pearlescent.
Coming Soon GT86 "Faith" BJTJWQ14 Scratched by Malakai Anderson on April 26, 2022 with help from Redline, Mickey S, and Phantom. It was later converted by H&O Exports and is currently still under his name. The vehicle is fully upgraded and painted black with an ice white pearlescent.


Photo Address Description
Coming Soon North Rockford Drive 19 Purchased by Malakai Anderson for $1.5M. Was given keys to the property on April 17, 2022. It holds sentimental value for her as it was owned by her prior to the economic collapse. The interior was decorated by Carmella Corset.



Played By: MsTeamKK
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