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Rick Locke was a character role-played by InvisibleToast.

General Description

  • Parsons

Rick Locke was a patient at Parsons. After a regular traffic stop the police accused him of talking to and seeing to his dead love Snow Ohnuki. He spent two weeks in parsons the first visit. His psychologist Charlotte Moore released him with medication to help.

The second time in Parsons was after helping Smiley’s specifically Betty & Honey with a project. Forgetting his meds, Rick attended the funeral of Joshua Wade, in which burned down the church with guests inside after the ceremony. Rick, Jocelyn, Honey, Betty proceeded to a mountain top which an EMS who was asking too many questions was being tortured. Rick had a little fun with the EmsMS carving an image into his back. He was then asked to go into town and play with the police. In town he managed to stab two people before getting caught.




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