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Richie Mersion was a character role-played by HeyOrbz.

General Description

Richie Mersion is the older brother of Summer Mersion. Currently 27 years old he is very protective over his sister and also any other member of the Mersions.

Richie is very stubborn and has a fiery temper if pushed. He is willing to give anybody a chance to gain his trust but once you have lost his trust, its more or less impossible to get back. Since he has grown in the city of Los Santos he has become a very connected person, making friends within various groups in the city, always building ties with people so that he always has people to go to if something is needed.

Early Days

When he first came into the city, Richie was hot headed loud and and always on the attack, he spent his early days hanging out with the Mersions while doing work and helping Grove Street Families.


Richie dated Jaed Smith. They started to purchase bricks of cocaine and push it together, they ended things a few months after.

Richie met Ivy Rosewood on 26th May 2020, after hearing her accent and her confidence he instantly wanted her, so he took her on a date and they hooked up. After a couple weeks Richie then took Ivy out on a date and asked her to be his girlfriend, which she accepted. Now between themselves and others they are known as Los Santos next Bonnie and Clyde, doing robberies together and growing closer at the same time. They both have the same desire to grow in the criminal world.