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Richard Woytkiw is a character role-played by ReconMalfunction.

General Information

Richard Woytkiw -- a man so down on his luck that on his first day in the city he was kicked out of the PDM for having no money, forced to attack people and bark like a dog while being subjected to in-humane "Therapy" by Billy Sprinkle, and to top it off, forced to eat garbage from a dumpster.

Often seen around the likes of Omar Dedon, and Slim, Richard is the definition of a "lackey". Often hanging around, but never initiating. But despite this - he plays off an overconfident persona, even though he is known for being the most unlucky man in all of Los Santos, with barely any money to his name, and a Taxi loan to pay.

Hired by Pepe, Richard is now an employee of Abdul's Taxi CO, and claims to be the fastest and most reliable taxi in all of LS - despite rarely being on shift and spending most of his time aimlessly wondering the streets of the city.

During his early days of being an LS Citizen, Richard met the likes of Ash Ketchup, Rexarius Bracchimus, Smiley and Timmy. What seemed like a likely friendship was later turned to drama when word was spread that underneath Richard's normal demeanor was a cold-blooded monster. Whispers of him being a "serial-killer" named "Cornelius Butter-Bottom" made their way through the streets.

"He takes peoples legs."

"He cuts off peoples' nipples and makes a necklace out of them."

"He has targeted Sun Moon!"

These rumours made their way to Ash's ears and she began her investigation to find out if the man she believed to be her friend was really who they said he was. Ash Ketchup began spying on Richard with binoculars, and asking him leading questions to see how we would answer. This eventually led to her insisting the THEN five year sober man to down multiple bottles of Vodka in the hopes that it would loosen his lips, and allow her to acquire the information she so desperately wanted. This worked to some extent as Richard began spilling the beans on some of his personal life - namely being the fact that his Ex-Wife had left him for his father, and his father had left his mother in the process. Upon losing her husband, Richard's mother picked up smoking again.

"She turned to ash!" - Richard remarked while in his drunken state.

It wasn't long until Ash and Richard came head-to-head at his childhood home, where Richard told her more information. But this personal moment of Richard's was shattered when he realized Ash had called for backup. Two Vagos abducted Richard and took him to a dank underground torture room. He was badly beaten by Ash Ketchup to the point of passing out, due to the rumour that he was targeting her friend Sun Moon.

Upon waking up on the side of a mountain - alive but hurt - Richard called Ash to congratulate her on her acting ability. He told her that he was shocked she found out about his Halloween prank so quick, and was impressed with her commitment to the bit.

"You punch hard! It was quite impressive, Ash."

To Richard's surprise, Ash had no idea what he was talking about. He believed she was in on the "Leg Santos Killer" act, and didn't know that she genuinely believed him to be a Serial-Killer.

Since then Richard has began a strained friendship with Bubbles. They are often insulting each other, and butting heads to the point of one dangling the other over a suspension bridge, and the other firing multiple bullets into the recipient's body.

A lot is still unknown about Richard's past, and it would seem that he deliberately leaves a specific part of his psyche a secret from the public.