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Richard Richardson is a character role-played by LordKebun.

General Description

Richard Richardson is a Solo Cadet for the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office, Badge #686.

Soon-to-be-Park Ranger, Richard Richardson found his way to the city of Los Santos seeking vengeance. With the help and guidance of his cousin, Conan Clarkson, Richardson is fighting his way to the "tippity top" of the mountain, shaping his way to success. Since his stay at Los Santos he has broken the record of the longest lasting Cadet on the force, a huge accomplishment that has never been reached before.

He is born for the battle, and with his breathable combat gear and Mongoose 9-speeder, Richardson will reach the top of that mountain.

Momentous Dates within the Government

Unified Police Department

Rank Insignia Note Date
Cadet CadetBCSO.png Hired to the BCSO; Badge #585 February 9th, 2021
Solo Cadet SoloCadetBCSO.png Solo Certified; Badge #686 August 2nd, 2021
SoloCadetPBSO.png Transferred to the PBSO December 2nd, 2021


  • Richardson is the first non-solo Cadet ever to own a police cruiser.
  • Once gained $90,000 when jailing Basem Shahin for contempt of court.
  • He is one of the longest standing cadets on the force.


  • "Hola, Compadres'."
  • "The name's Richard, but you can call me Richardson."
  • "I'm a genetic freak."
  • "I'm just new boot goofin'."
  • "Soon-to-be-Park Ranger..."
  • "Here's what your gonna do, pal."
  • "At your command, sir."
  • "I'm Tony Andrew's Prodigy."
  • "I love you Copper'



Played By: LordKebun
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