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Richard Johnson was a character role-played by Penta.


Richard "Dick" Johnson was born and raised in the Altruist cult camp on Mt. Chiliad until he ran away at the age of 40. He was easily influenced by others and sought to learn what it meant to be normal. People simply had to tell Richard something was normal behavior, and he would do it. For example, "killing is normal" and once understood he would say "I understand."

Adopted Parents

Kayden Pistone met Dick and immediately decided to adopt him. She asked Murphy Braun to be his adopted father. Dick appreciated having a family that loved him for the first time in his life. He also had two aunts, Nora Dupres and Lees Grey. Dick referred to his family as Bitch Dad, Bitch Mom and Bitch Aunt. Kayden was married to Vinny Pistone, he did not appreciate her adoption of Dick. People often criticized the adoption since Dick was 40 years old and they claimed "he's a grown ass man."


On January 22, 2019 Richard died from a gunshot wound he was pronounced dead at Pillbox Medical Center.

Kayden was unable to handle Dick on her own and asked Kevin Shaw for assistance. Shaw did not like Richard and tried to get rid of him. Kayden then put Dick in the care of Mel Rickenbacker. Mel convinced Richard to attempt to kill Joe Caine by telling Dick that killing Joe was normal.

After Dick stabbed Joe, Fredrick Murphy shot him dead outside Premium Deluxe Motorsport. Dick passed away late at night in the morgue of the hospital. A funeral was held for Dick at the Vinewood Graveyard. His family and several acquaintances attended to say their last goodbyes.

FInal Words

Mel before Richard's death:

  • "He's like a blank piece of paper that you can write anything on".

RIchard's final words to Kayden:

  • "Bitch mom...Is dying normal?"

Kayden's final words to Dick:

  • "I knew I wasn't ready to be a mother...I always imagined that I would kill you myself. Out of stress. I guess I'll never get the chance...Goodbye Dick. He was so normal, He was so normal...He lived like a normal man and he died like a normal man."


  • "Killing is normal"
  • "Killing is a secret"
  • "I understand"
  • "I like oxy's and racing"
  • "Hello. Bitch. Mom."
  • "Do you think it's normal?"
  • "Having a knife is normal"
  • "What is _____?"
  • "I would, 'Shoot him in the fucking throat'"

Fun Facts

  • Richard often told people his commands until he was told secrets.
  • Dick was told that killing is a secret.
  • Bitch Aunt Dick was fond of any kind of drug or alcohol.
  • Bitch Aunt, Lees Grey, called Richard "Penis"
  • Adopting Richard proved therapeutic for Kayden and Murphy.
  • Bitch Aunt Nora was not very fond of Richard