Richard Dark is a character roleplayed by Sock22.

General Description Edit

Richard Dark is an Officer of the LSPD, Badge #422.

Dark has the tendency to fall in love very quickly after meeting someone, sometimes several times a day. Unfortunately, the people he has an eye for are either not interested, or taken.

He is currently in a relationship with Deputy Matt Rhodes.

Dark is a close friend to many of his fellow cadets from the same class. He often hangs with Lauren Forcer when they are off-duty. He's also seen riding along with Kira Light a lot, the duo is known as Gay Patrol.

Background Information Edit

When Dark was a teenager, his mother went missing; later found dead. Unfortunately in the small town, the police nor detectives never followed through in solving the case of her death.  

Following her death, Dark joined the Army but was never deployed. It was at this point in his life that he decided to join the police force, and ended up moving to Los Santos.  

He hopes to become a Detective in the future, and work on homicide cases. 

Fun Facts Edit

  • On September 18th, 2019, Dark was promoted to full Officer for the LSPD.
  • Openly pansexual and flirtatious.
  • Loves 80's music.
  • Gave up on a lead for the "El Tesso" Investigation to salvage and rekindle his relationship with Matt Rhodes.
  • Helped solve the kidnapping of Bambii Byrd, and gained the attention of the CID as a potential candidate in the future.
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