Richard "Dick" Chiclets is a character role-played by FloMcNasty_TV.

General Description

Dick Chiclets is a professional race car driver and is the '95 Cup Series runner up champ "one state over." During his racing career, he was sponsored by Target, Lays Ketchup Chips, Twitch Prime, and Burger Shot. He aspires to write a book titled "0-95" but may require a ghostwriter.

Dick went to Veterinary school before he became a race car driver, but due to his frequent touching of the animals' genitals, he was kicked out. Dick grew up on a farm and found a way to harvest meat from a goat while it was still alive.

Dick is a member of The Four Equestrians, along with Mick Flair, Nancy Drew and Virgil Simpson.

On May 3, 2021, Dick was signed to Wu Chang Records. His first release was a remix of the Molly Minaj hit "Savage".

On May 10, 2021, Dick got a part-time job at Burger Shot on a whim. He followed that up by being hired at Hayes Auto Body Repairs as a mechanic on May 28, 2021.

Dick has a gambling problem.


4EQ is a start-up company established to plan, promote, and host events around Los Santos. The founders of 4EQ held their first event, the "Burger Shot & Dean World 500" on April 17, 2021 at Vinewood Racetrack. After the success of the first event, Dick in partnership with Mick Flair, Nancy Drew, and Virgil Simpson acquired a business license and founded 4EQ on April 19, 2021, and are the current owners and operators of the Vinewood Racetrack.

Vault Tec Services

Dick, Mick, and Virgil planned a bank heist that was successfully executed on May 9, 2021. The plan involved convincing the police that the robbery was actually a planned penetration test on Fleeca Bank's security systems. Virgil built a web presence for the fictional Vault Tec Services and a fake Fleeca Bank website to mislead the authorities. Mick was in charge of breaking into the bank vault itself. Dick played the role of "door-man" and was in charge of speaking to the police when they arrived at the bank.


  • Dick Chiclets, race car driver, nice to meet ya.
  • Who do I make the autograph out to?
  • Professional race car driver, runner up champion, one state over *points*.
  • All go, no stop
  • ...fella!
  • ... to be honest.
  • I'm not a mathematician, I'm a racecar driver.
  • I love ya!...Aren't ya gonna say it back?
  • When the gerbil's green and the grass is blue, it's time to party.
  • Y'ello! Dick Chiclets here!
  • You could Twat it..."Dick Chiclets, huge wiener" ya know?


  • Dick is not a mathematician.
  • Dick once borrowed his sister Maria's car and never returned it.
  • Dick is a huge, "Justine Belieber" fan and has been to 40+ concerts.
  • Dick is illiterate.
  • Dick once had sex with the tailpipe of his race car after 6 hours of track testing. He ended up with significant burns and swore never to do that again unless the car was off for "a little while". clip
  • Dick refers to people of all genders as "fella." However, he is very tolerant of gender as he once dictated a letter addressed to "All he/him fellas, she/her fellas, and they/them fellas."
  • Dick is extremely flammable. He should never go near an open flame of any kind. clip
  • Dick drives a Dominator GTX that he named Felicia while in a drunken stupor. His first car in Los Santos was a Buccaneer named Barbara which he sold to Ursula Leichenberg.
  • Dick is diabetic.
  • Dick is good at keeping his mouth shut so he doesn't "indecriminalate" himself.
  • Dick's Buccaneer is also extremely flammable. clip
  • Dick can tell when Saphira Sinclair is in town by the smell of lavender and sandalwood.
  • Dick's favourite thing is giving someone a hug, even if it is someone he has just met.
  • Dick considered becoming a pro soccer player before becoming a race car driver.




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