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Richard "Dick" Chiclets is a character role-played by FloMcNasty_TV.

General Description

Dick Reveen Chiclets is a professional race car driver and is the '95 Cup Series runner up champ "one state over." During his racing career, he was sponsored by Target, Lays Ketchup Chips, Twitch Prime, and Burger Shot. He aspires to write a book titled "0-95" but may require a ghostwriter.

Dick went to Veterinary school before he became a race car driver, but due to his frequent touching of the animals' genitals, he was kicked out. Dick grew up on a farm and found a way to harvest meat from a goat while it was still alive.

Dick was a member of The Four Equestrians, along with Mick Jhonson, Nancy Drew and Virgil Simpson.

On May 3, 2021, Dick was signed to Wu Chang Records. His first release was a remix of the Molly Minaj hit "Savage". Dick subsequently came out with his hit "Boozin" on May 15th. "Boozin" rapidly climbed to #1 on the LSBN charts, despite lack of support from Wu Chang, through aggressive individual outreach, and it stayed #1 for 4 consecutive days. Dick expressed his dissatisfaction with his record label's lack of support for him as a #1 selling artist with Alex "Lil' Cap" Sรถderberg leading to his firing from Wu Chang entirely. Dick and Lil' Cap collaborated to create Downbad Records to continue to promote the music scene in Los Santos as another competing record label.

On May 10, 2021, Dick got a part-time job at Burger Shot on a whim. He followed that up by being hired at Hayes Auto Body Repairs as a mechanic on May 28, 2021.

On June 1, 2021, Dick was chosen to be the next Mole King of Los Santos.

Dick has a gambling problem.

๐Ÿด The Four Equestrians


4EQ is a start-up company established to plan, promote, and host events around Los Santos. The founders of 4EQ held their first event, the "Burger Shot & Dean World 500" on April 17, 2021 at Vinewood Racetrack. After the success of the first event, Dick in partnership with Mick Jhonson, Nancy Drew, and Virgil Simpson acquired a business license and founded 4EQ on April 19, 2021, and are the current owners and operators of the Vinewood Racetrack. 4EQ have hosted subsequent events at the race track including a motorcycle joust and a LSPD vs. BCSO demolition derby.

Vault Tec Services
Screenshot (1483).png

Under the guise of Vault Tec, Dick, Mick, and Virgil planned a bank heist that was successfully executed on May 9, 2021. The plan involved convincing the police that the robbery was actually a planned penetration test on Fleeca Bank security systems. Virgil built a web presence for the fictional Vault Tec Services and a fake Fleeca Bank website and to mislead the authorities. Mick was in charge of breaking into the bank vault itself. Dick played the role of "door-man" and was in charge of speaking to the police when they arrived at the bank.

On May 21, 2021, The Vault Tec crew of Dick, Mick, and Virgil attempted to rob the Paleto Bank, but were single-handedly thwarted by Mike Block who coincidentally arrived at the bank them seconds after arriving themselves.clip

On June 8, 2021, Vault Tec crew of Dick, Mick and Nancy successfully robbed the Paleto Bank (Blaine County Savings Bank) with the assistance of Ursula Leichenberg in a transport Helicopter. Virgil created the Blaine County Savings Bank website and Dick created the Vault Tec work order to perform another standard penetration test of the bank's vault as well as the removal of any marked bills for incineration. Nancy played the role of supervisor in place of Virgil, and Dick and Mick performed the necessary "upgrades" to the vault after it failed the penetration test. Deputy Sexton Hardcastle and Sergeant Anita May arrived on scene responding to penetration test and, after considerable convincing from the crew, assisted with the removal of the marked bills from the vault and escorted Dick, Mick, and Nancy to the awaiting Helicopter.

During the planning of the second Paleto Bank robbery attempt, Dick was caught robbing a bank and evading the police. In order to continue to keep Vault Tec legitimate in the eyes of the police, the Vault Tec team decided to use the conviction as an opportunity to "fire" Dick from the company for failing out of Vault Tec's Second Chance Program for Convicted Felons after the robbery of the Paleto Bank was completed.

During The Stable's first ever City Vault heist on June 26, 2021 where Dick and Mick swapped cars and made a clean getaway with all of the loot, Kirk Jerkems and Nancy got caught in the other swap car. Hardcastle and Jeffrey Bundy interrogated her, and launched a Major Crimes Division investigation of Vault Tec. Although MCD couldn't find enough evidence and ultimately dropped the investigation, 4EQ decided it best to abandon the Vault Tec scheme for good.

๐ŸŽ The Stable


Dick joined Mick Flair, Nancy Drew, and Thomas Dwayne to form The Stable crime organization. The four of them led the group as its "Stable Heads". They bought a warehouse (nicknamed "The Barn") under the name of Thomas' CEO and friend, Bunny, who stayed clean while the group ran illegal activities to pay it off. The Stable Heads recruited various "Stable Hands" to help fund the organization.

Getaway Driver for The Stable

In the early days of The Stable, Mick led The Stable's bank heists as the group's primary hacker, while Dick continued to practice as the group's primary getaway driver. Nancy focused on networking, and Thomas focused on meth distribution. Often times, Dick often wanted The Stable to become a feared and respected gang rather than just a shadow crime organization.

On July 7, 2021, The Stable's second ever City Vault heist went badly awry. As Dick was driving Mick, Thomas, and Xavier from the vault, their getaway car stalled after a couple of turns and the police immediately boxed them in. Afterward, Dick temporarily suffered from a mental phobia of driving.

Screenshot (748).png

In the week of July 26th, 2021, The Stable bought the "Maison Ricard" office building on Legion Square. Dick started two new businesses inside the office: the Down Bad Records label and an upscale restaurant called Maison Ricard (French for "House of Richard"). Dick hired and ran concerts for hot local artists such as Zarina Vega, Hubcap Jones, and Peren Meliamne. Concert venues included Split Sides, Cerberus Arena, Maison Ricard, and the yacht.

War with Marabunta Grande

Over the course of several months, The Stable periodically feuded with Marabunta Grande over The Stable's meth sales on their turf, Fudge Lane. Due to their opposite time zones, The Stable often joked about how the MG would hibernate in their Fudge Lane house for weeks at a time, and that they'd "see them again in another month".

The conflict first began with MG leader Sergio Lopez held up Dick during his meth sales on Fudge Lane. He caged Dick in his house and made him smoke his own meth. Sergio then dumped Dick's car, and waited for him to reclaim it so he could ambush The Stable again. The trap failed and Dick, Xavier Valentine, and Kirk Jerkems kidnapped Sergio. After several unsuccessful attempts to blow up Sergio at a gas station, Dick finally rammed his car into the pump to successfully blow Sergio up.

To deter The Stable from continuously cornering their meth on Fudge Lane, the Marabunta Grande kidnapped Thomas Dwayne and shot out his eye, robbed Thomas, Xavier, and Dick of their meth and cash, and gunned down both Mick and Dick. Smooth Williams and Mick reached out to broker a deal for MG to buy and sell The Stable's meth on Fudge Lane, but Sergio distrusted The Stable and was not interested in allying with any other gangs.

Some time after The Stable successfully robbed guns and C4 from Bobcat Security, Thomas spotted the Marabunta Grande on Fudge Lane. The Stable fiendishly decided to test one of their sticky bombs on them. As Dick's C4 throw overshot the car that MG was shooting from, Smooth managed to gun down Sergio before getting shot down. The MG fled as Thomas and Xavier provided cover fire for Dick and Smooth. Later, Dick casually admitted to MG's ambassador Chuey Salamanca over the phone that The Stable had indeed tossed the C4 at them. Incredulous that Dick had downplayed the sticky bomb as if he had "thrown an egg at their house" and shocked that Smooth had been a part of it, Chuey theorized to Sergio that The Stable must be rich and bored.

The Marabunta Grande finally got revenge during their war with the Bondi Boys MC. Mistaking Dick for a BBMC motorcyclist, they gunned him down and kidnapped him. Sergio looked at Dick's incoming call to get his "fianca" Marie Ortiz's phone number, and used Dick to bait Marie to the airport. After several unsuccessful attempts to light Marie on fire in front of Dick, the MG finally started a gas-fueled inferno that burned half of her face. The Stable sent a kill squad that included Thomas, Xavier, and Jaxxon Jones to Fudge Lane, but eventually gave up trying to find MG.

Mick and Dick finally negotiated a truce with Sergio and Azul on the property outside of The Barn. Since then, Dick's various negotiations with Sergio for a meth deal never got off the ground.

During The Stable's only M+ boost on September 21, 2021, the police chased Dick as he drove an R1 motorcycle while Nancy Drew hacked the tracing device. Nancy disabled the tracker, and Dick successfully escaped from the police.

Leader of The Stable

On September 22nd, 2021 inside of Maison Ricard, the four Stable Heads (Mick, Dick, Nancy, and Thomas) elected Dick the new leader of The Stable before Mick's planned hiatus from the city. Mick was elected second in command.

During a long stretch of months in 2021 when The Stable laid off banks because the Fleecas were protected by a power grid that required a lot of thermite to science, Dick mostly focused The Stable on meth. Dick often argued with Smooth over The Stable's cuts for meth cooking and distribution, and saw potential in Nancy's deal with Irwin Dundee to science the wholesale meth run: The Stable and the BBMC try to cook half of what the meth export required; then split payment based upon whatever percentage each crew ended up contributing.

Since strain or quality did not matter for the meth run, The Stable members began to take turns cooking their own personal meth strains. The Stable granted their primary meth cook, Kirk Jerkems, Mick's keys to The Barn to help ramp up meth production. Before The Stable could finish, BBMC meth cook Jordan Lee called a meeting with Dick, Marie, and Thomas to explain what the BBMC learned about the meth export: the drug runners would have to transport 40 pillows worth of meth in an armored car that would continuously ping the police; then after "four dropoffs" would receive an unimpressive payout. Jordan revealed that the BBMC was pulling out of the deal--because if even "Mr. Chaos himself" Dundee didn't want to risk the 9's and huge fines for such a low payout, that should tell them something. Excited by the thrill of gambling all-or-nothing on a HUT offense, Dick informed Kirk and the rest of The Stable that they would run the entire meth export by themselves. Dick promised his "fianca" Marie that if the big meth run succeeded and he didn't get the 9's, that they would wed later in the week.

On October 18, 2021, Dick led The Stable's first ever big meth run. The Stable huddled at the Vinewood Racetrack for inspirational words from Dick. Then a four-person Stable team comprised of Dick, Thomas, Kirk, and Abner delivered 40 meth pillows (containing all of The Stable's meth strains) to the wholesale meth exporter. After a surprise ambush from half a dozen local security guards, Dick and Thomas carjacked their armored kuruma while Kirk and Abner followed behind in an intruder car. At a parking lot by the purple dinosaur where Dick had to pick up 10 spray bottles of "floor cleaner", Abner almost blew up the kuruma by refueling it while the engine was still on. Then Lt. Jeffrey Bundy and a cadet partner rolled up on them in response to the 37A call and the flagged armored kuruma's tracker ping. During the ensuing police chase, the Stable team mag dumped Bundy and the cadet in a pincer movement; then Dick dropped off the spray bottles at a sand location. Following Dick's payment for a triumphantly successful job, The Stable formally branded their prospect Marie as a Stable hand.

A week later on October 26, 2021, Dick fulfilled his promise to wed Marie Ortiz in an outdoor wedding ceremony at the Vinewood Racetrack. On the morning leading up to the ceremony, Dick was low on gas with a hot gepard on him (from the big meth run) when the he fled from a felony stop for an oxy run, leading the police on a wild 17-minute car chase headed by Brittany Angel. He managed to escape the police six consecutive times before he was finally able to dump the hot gepard in a dumpster. Then after getting away from the police two more times, he retrieved the gepard. Just before the wedding ceremony started, Mick Jhonson showed up as a surprise guest to support his friend Dick. Dick and best man Kirk parachuted onto the racetrack, and joined the wedding party with Mick. First Nancy Drew and Sabith "Bunny" Cohen walked the aisle. Then Sam Baas (in a checkered flag suit) exited a pink corvette with the bride Marie, and walked her down the aisle. Rocky Topps officiated the ceremony wearing a horse head; Nancy, Mick, and Kirk gave speeches; and Dick and Marie exchanged vows that they wrote themselves. The ceremony ended with everybody shooting bullets up in the air. The reception was held at the Vinewood Racetrack stables, and was catered by the same kind of taco truck that The Stable used as a front for their meth sales.

Some time after Nancy gave Dick a heads up from Pez Speedwagon that the Bondi Boys MC were mad at Abner Vaca for dropping their name at a public meth lab, Lil Cap recounted to Dick how he, Abner, and Xavier Valentine were cooking meth and got rolled up on by the Vagos. Despite Abner telling them that they were The Stable and allied with the BBMC, the Vagos still violently punished both Abner and Xavier. Dick called up Jordan, and met with him and three other BBMC members. After half-kidding about whether he should worry about being hunted by them, Jordan assured him they were fine. Unbeknownst to Dick, Pez, Collin McKinley, and Jordan had incorrectly suspected that Dick and Nancy's uneasiness was all due to Wolfe McCreedy snitching to Kirk (at Dick's wedding) that the BBMC was "hunting" The Stable.

BBMC and Stable Meeting.png

Once Abner had returned from his "7-day vacation" for an unrelated incident, The Stable and the BBMC met to discuss the issue on neutral territory at Legion Square. Collin, Pez, and Jordan heard Abner's side of the story (Barry Benson left the meeting early to pick up a practice laptop), but Collin and Pez still wanted Abner to be punished. Exasperated by Collin's stipulation that a patched BBMC member be present to watch The Stable punish Abner, Dick unexpectedly unloaded nine rounds into Abner in front of everyone and walked away. Satisfied, Collin and Pez left the meeting while Kirk and Nancy tended to Abner. Afterward, Abner praised Dick for "knowing all along" to aim at his armored vest.

Later when Jordan complained to Dick that The Stable should have taken the name-dropping more seriously, Dick revealed The Stable's disappointment in the BBMC for refusing to vouch for them as their long-time allies--and just like Santa Claus, said that The Stable no longer believed in the BBMC. Some time after that, the BBMC uncovered Wolfe's deleted text messages to Kirk. When Wolfe refused to lure and torture Kirk for them as punishment, the BBMC blooded Wolfe out. Subsequently, Dundee forbade BBMC members from ever speaking to The Stable again.

The barn.jpg

On the night of November 9, 2021, half of The Stable got raided. While searching Kirk's apartment for illegal guns, Lt. Bundy found three pillows of Kirk's meth strain 51-rhinoceros. Consequently, Det. Sexton Hardcastle secretly camped outside of The Barn for eight hours and one whole morning under the correct suspicion that The Stable was hiding a stockpile of meth inside. On November 12, 2021, Dick led a thrilling Stable mission to smuggle all of the meth pillows out of The Barn to protect Bunny from a drug trafficking charge. Dick, Thomas, and Xavier stormed into the warehouse as Kirk, Abner, and Marie scouted out the area for police surveillance. Then as Dick and Thomas transported the meth contraband in an armored Landstalker SUV at the front of a three-car Stable convoy, Air-1 and a tidal wave of police cars led by Hardcastle swarmed after them. The four Stable hands created enough interference for Dick and Thomas to escape and successfully drop off the last of The Stable's meth. After that stressful crisis, Dick swore off the meth game and decided that The Stable should just stick to bank heists.

The Stable encountered a new paradigm in the bank scene when Chang Gang and Francis J Francer stole their Fleeca Bank from them on November 20, 2021. When Dick shot out Chang Gang's tires in retaliation, the resulting firefight led to the police breaching the Fleeca Bank and wiping Chang Gang out.

Street Underboss of The Stable

After Nancy amicably resigned from The Stable on November 26, 2021, Dick stepped down as the group's leader. Thomas agreed to assume leadership of The Stable on the condition that Dick stay with the group. Thomas made Dick and Bunny The Stable's new underbosses, and promoted all of the Stable Hands to Stable Heads.

On December 7, 2021 to Dick's utter confusion, he and Marie suddenly got kidnapped by Randy Bullet and the Angels. The night before, Kirk, Abner, and Marie--blacked out with guns instead of wearing their casino hotel employee uniforms--had barged into the Angels' Diamond Casino Hotel room to warn Randy Bullet against cooking meth there. Indignant, Randy summoned Thomas to the airport and demanded Kirk's meth table as punishment. Dick successfully talked Randy and the Angels into beating Marie unconscious instead of trying to murder her with a hammer. Later that night, Kirk left The Stable to protect the group from any future backlash.

As redemption for the failed months-old upper vault heist with Mick where The Stable's getaway car got boxed in after only a couple of turns, Dick, Thomas, and Xavier recruited Kirk on December 14, 2021 for The Stable's first City Vault heist in ages. Another bank crew of Ivan, Dwayne "Wiked" Flores, and Yair attempted to breach the same bank, gunned down Dick, shot at Xavier as he hacked, and shot out a tire on their getaway car during a police chase led by A.J. Hunter. Thomas managed to swim away with half of the loot. During The Stable's next City Vault heist (the first time for Rocky and Marie) on December 17, 2021, the police chased them in Thomas' car to the vault after a motorcycle exploded their only hostage and Tony Andrews spotted an uzi on Xavier's back. The crew's only bargaining chip was a single bank customer whom their lookout Rocky had taken hostage by the ATM, causing Andrews and Kyle Pred to consider breaching. Andrews allowed them four minutes, enough time for the crew to leave the bank with half of the loot. In the ensuing police chase, the entire crew escaped when Dick accidentally ocean dumped their getaway car by the docks.

By the end of 2021, The Stable had broken up.

๐ŸŒฟ The Families

After shopping his getaway driving to the HOA, BBMC, and the Angels, Dick became a prospect for The Families. Proclaiming that meth ruined his life, Dick found happiness cornering weed for them.

On January 1, 2022, Dick successfully hacked a Fleeca Bank for the first time as Xavier Valentine held Reginald Watson hostage. No police responded. Then on the next day, Dick clutched out his final attempt on his second green laptop while robbing a Fleeca Bank with Summer Mersion.

On January 27, 2022, The Families blooded Dick into the Carson Avenue Families (CAF). He eventually became their head drug distributor.

GSF DickC.png

On February 12, 2022, Randy Wrangler put Dick on an investigative hold, subpoenaed his bank and phone records looking for associates caught with Gods Green Crack weed, and started a chain reaction of anticlimactic raids. The Street Crimes Unit raided Dick's apartment, Maison Ricard (where they searched in vain for a stash), Bunny's warehouse (where Louis Bloom only found bee's wax, honey, and broken goods), Marie Ortiz' properties and vehicles, and Cindy Tipton's warehouse (which she had already cleaned out hours before). Tracy Martell was confused to find Kirk Jerkems' bag of baby turtles inside of Marie's beachside house.

Exasperated by the lack of soundproofing from the constant noise of sirens, Dick finally sold the Maison Ricard office property for $208,000 on February 16, 2022, and immediately purchased a foreclosed mansion as the new home for Down Bad Records. The next week on February 21, 2022, Dick divorced Marie Ortiz.

Up Good

After months and months of Dick longing for a tape press, Dean Watson finally installed one (and an outdoor microphone) in the Down Bad Records house's backyard on March 3, 2022. To christen the press, Dick created his first music tape on it, "Boozin" (the first song he ever wrote in the city). Then on March 12, 2022, Dick won the Toyota Supra A90 from an omega wheel spin at the Diamond Casino and Resort. When Dick picked up the car from Dean Watson, Dean revealed that Dick had spent a total of 3.6 million dollars on the casino wheel. Dick eventually sold the Supra to the Tuner Shop on April 18, 2022 for 1.2 million dollars. The next day, the casino introduced roulette and recouped their money back from Dick.

Return of the Mick
Stable assemble for mick-gracie.jpg

Starting on March 22, 2022, a locked-up Mick Jhonson began calling out for help with cryptic texts. Finally on April 27, 2022 after being missing for six months, a starving Mick attempted to call Dick as he lay incapacitated at the bottom of a construction site. Nancy Drew twatted out "STABLE ASSEMBLE", and all of the original Stable OGs including Lizzie reunited to search for Mick with his long-time fiance Jessie Jugg, Nancy's BBMC friend Collin McKinley, and Ursula Leichenberg. Two of Mick's texts gave important clues to Dick: "Dick, i dont have much time, last two things I remember are mel and then a place with the letter q" and "not q it was a k, ok thats my last of my butt charge sorry hard to type when dying". Dick reasoned that Mick had meant the Kortz Center because of how closely the first word sounded like "quartz". In a hedge maze at the Kortz Center, they found pages from Gracie's diary. Ursula's alternate personality Gracie explained that she had nursed Mick to health after Melbert Rickenbacker had beaten him up there, and that Mick had kept talking about the Billabong. On a nearby rooftop, a blacked-out cowboy named "The Highwayman" fired off shots and left a note revealing he was the one holding Mick captive. The Stable and Collin finally converged on The Highwayman at the Los Santos International Airport, exchanged gunfire with him, and managed to rescue a dying Mick from one of the hallways. To Dick's chagrin, Collin drove the car to transport Mick while Chief of Police Sam Baas chased behind. After Collin flipped the car, the police admitted Mick into the ICU. Lizzie held a doctor at gunpoint to let Dick in. As Mick lay in a coma, Dick played "Boozin" at his bedside and then emotionally thanked him.

The next day on April 28, 2022, Sgt. Sexton Hardcastle escorted a comatose Mick out of the ICU so he could marry Jessie Jugg in a "MatriMania" wedding. After Dick ejected out of the lamborghini driving Mick to the clothing store, Cpl. Lily Pond shaved Mick's beard off and dressed him up in a white suit and sunglasses. Rocky Topps ring announced/officiated the ceremony at the Vespucci Beach wrestling ring. Best man Dick wheeled a drooling Mick down the aisle, and Pez Speedwagon held his body up inside the ring. Maid of honor Nancy Drew walked Jessie down the aisle. Dick recited vows on Mick's behalf in his voice. After Mick woke up and proclaimed "I WOOOOO!", a yeti crashed the wedding and triggered a battle royal. Afterward, Mick was shocked to learn that The Stable had disbanded and that Dick was now a South Sider in The Families.

GSF Civil War

Dick first began to sour on The Families during their war with Brouge Street Kingz, when he camped on a rooftop all week for 10 hours only for Shotcaller Drew to rebuke him for not being around. Dick also donated $124,000 to a GSF weed grow operation without any return on investment. Due to a 16 member maximum in the criminal activity app for the GSF gang, Dick's membership was removed and he lost access to boosting and banks. After Dick found out he also lost key access to Auntie's House, Fresh G Double-A explained that a nasty civil war between Drew and GSF leader Dexx Martin had torn The Families apart and that OG Summer Mersion had retired. Outraged that Drew had a Balla execute Dexx's Auntie, Dick refused to stay in the same gang as Drew. Once GSF blooded Drew out, the civil war ended.

First S+ Boost

On June 28, 2022, Dick drove a Comet S2 in his first ever S+ boost. The job started with a random dog attack. Nancy Drew hacked the security system and practiced S+ hacks for the first time. After her third failed hack, she jumped out and swapped cars with Xavier Valentine. Xavier failed a hack and was one failed hack away (and at one point, less than a second away) from blowing the engine, but barely clutched out the final 6 hacks. Dick kept breaking ankles but couldn't shake Air-1, finally getting rammed onto a concrete planter and cuffed. Nancy picked up Xavier in her AMG, and he drove getaway in a long cat-and-mouse game with Air-1. The chase finally ended when Xavier got tased through a closed car window.

Operation: Save Down Bad Records

On July 13, 2022 as part of "Operation: Save DBR", down bad Dick sold his Ocelot Locust to Hiro Calligan on behalf of Otto's Autos for $240,000. Dick gambled $36,000 of it on the wheel, roulette, blackjack, and an omega spin to win $31,554. He then bet $50,000 on 1st 12 of the roulette spin and won $100,000. After Dick withdrew $28,000 from the DBR business account, Dick finally paid off all of the final $417,132 in debt on the DBR mansion. Unfortunately, Senior Artist Hubcap Jones signed to Wu-Chang Records on July 19, 2022--leaving DBR down bad with only three active artists.

Dick resolved to become a "silent" member in GSF when he returned to work at Hayes Auto Body Repairs and got confronted by yet another gang that GSF was at war with, Seaside. Originally when the now retired OG Summer Mersion had recruited Dick, she had told him that GSF didn't like wars.

On August 9, 2022, Down Bad Records CTH Peren Meliamne told Dick that he wanted to sign with Wu-Chang Records because Peren wanted to enjoy music again. The Wu-Chang building had a clock-in work receipt system that DBR couldn't compete with. Additionally, Dick reasoned that artists kept perceiving DBR as a stepping stone to Wu-Chang because of their Chang Gang name and backing. DBR CEO Sabith "Bunny" Cohen wished Peren well and opted to stay on as a DBR artist, leaving DBR with only two active artists.

๐ŸŽ๏ธ Quotes

  • Dick Chiclets, race car driver, nice to meet ya.
  • Who do I make the autograph out to?
  • Professional race car driver, runner up champion, one state over *points*.
  • All go, no stop
  • ...fella!
  • ... to be honest.
  • [inner monologue] Well, there I was...
  • I'm not a mathematician, I'm a racecar driver.
  • I love ya!...Aren't ya gonna say it back?
  • When the gerbil's green and the grass is blue, it's time to party.
  • Y'ello! Dick Chiclets here!
  • You could Twat it..."Dick Chiclets, huge wiener" ya know?

๐Ÿ Trivia

  • Dick is not a mathematician.
  • Dick once borrowed his sister Maria's car and never returned it.
  • Dick is a huge, "Justine Belieber" fan and has been to 40+ concerts.
  • Dick is illiterate.
  • Dick once had sex with the tailpipe of his race car after 6 hours of track testing. He ended up with significant burns and swore never to do that again unless the car was off for "a little while". clip
  • Dick refers to people of all genders as "fella." However, he is very tolerant of gender as he once dictated a letter addressed to "All he/him fellas, she/her fellas, and they/them fellas."
  • Dick is extremely flammable. He should never go near an open flame of any kind. clip
  • Dick is diabetic.
  • Dick is good at keeping his mouth shut so he doesn't "indecriminalate" himself.
  • Dick's Buccaneer is also extremely flammable. clip
  • Dick can tell when Saphira Sinclair is in town by the smell of lavender and sandalwood.
  • Dick's favorite thing is giving someone a hug, even if it is someone he has just met.
  • Dick considered becoming a pro soccer player before becoming a race car driver.
  • Dick is allergic to potions.
  • Dick once stabbed his brother in the knee with a fork for eating his birthday cake.
  • Dick's first kiss was in kindergarten...tongue and everything
  • Dick has been intimate with a pineapple after microwaving it for 38 seconds. Things haven't been the same down there since.
  • Dick's name has been passed down for many generations. He is the 19th Richard Chiclets.

๐Ÿ“€ Discography

Release Date Title Details
May 3, 2021 "Savage Remix" Under Wu Chang Records
May 15, 2021 "Boozin"
(featuring Mick Jhonson)
July 23, 2021 "10-80" Under Down Bad Records
August 7, 2021 "The Heist"
August 31, 2021 "Great Ocean Highway"
(featuring Tig Oconner & Zarina Vega)
September 4, 2021 "Diss Chiclets"
December 25, 2021 "Hot Pursuit - Serge Cross"
February 26, 2022 "Oasis"

(featuring Jackson Creed)

๐Ÿš˜ Vehicles

  1. Buccaneer named Barbara (sold to Ursula Leichenberg)
  2. Dominator GTX named Felicia (was named in a drunken stupor)
  3. Slamvan (only owned it for 2 days)
  4. GB200 (traded in for Futo)
  5. Futo (fully upgraded, sold to Kirk Jerkems)
  6. Daemon Custom (sold to Thomas McCarthy)
  7. GB200 #2 (VIN scratched and sold within hours of acquiring)
  8. GB200 #3 (Fully upgraded, bought from Kevin Ram, returned to Kevin due to financial issues)
  9. Massacro (sold)
  10. RX7 (sold for $2M)
  11. Banshee 900R (sold)
  12. Dubsta 6x6 (sold)
  13. Ocelot Locust (fully upgraded, bought to use in A-class races, sold to Hiro Calligan on behalf of Otto's Autos for $240,000)
  14. Toyota Supra A90 (won from the casino wheel, sold to the Tuner Shop for $1.2M)




  • Lee Nova



Played By: FloMcNasty
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