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Rhett McConnell, more commonly known as "Bench Guy," is a character role-played by McconnellRet.


Rhett McConnell is the Special Agent-in-Charge for the Federal Investigation Bureau, Badge #001.

Rhett wears an all-black business suit with a white undershirt and black dress shoes. He spends most of his time sitting on a bench in front of the Burger Shot on San Andreas Avenue and Prosperity Street. He is easily provoked if someone attempts to move him from his spot. As he states himself, he gets robbed 3 times a day.

Despite this, Rhett seems to be a Lawful Neutral archetype. He is shown to be deeply passionate for order, beating up people who cut in line and who are rude to the Burger Shot employees, and gets angry when Steven Hayes was left out in the Burger Shot parking lot when he clearly needed medical attention.



Chaotic thorn in his side



  • Dislikes World of Warcraft and weebs.
  • Sherry, Andrews, and Snow may be the only people in the city who knows McConnell's real full name and phone number.
  • Frequently can be seen riding with Kyle Pred or Tony Andrews.
  • Can whistle a rousing rendition of Runescape's Sea Shanty 2.
  • Dislikes his hangouts with the police being called ridealongs.
  • Is an FIB agent.
  • Is a potential diversity hire for the Police Department.
  • On 1/7/22 10:07 PM EST, McConnell had his ass eaten out by Fingle Dan.


  • "Ask me if I give a shit"
  • "My fucking bench, man!"
  • "Don't talk to me"
  • *Loud drawn out sigh* - When attempted to be brought into a conversation he has no interest in.
  • "Fuck off!"
  • *points at people* - meaning don't talk to him.
  • "Shut up, you have rights."


Played By: McconnellRet
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