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Rexarius Bracchimus is a character is role-played by Rexsair.


Rex was a bubbly, high energetic person who brings out sunshine and rainbows to everyone around him. He was very innocent and had so much youthfulness in him. He loved colourful and flashy clothes. He also loves cars and had a 4-door Jugular with a black base, with a anime livery, and a 2-door Zentorno with black and blue livery.

Since the accident last Christmas (2021), Rex had a personality change, being more mature and his youthfulness forgotten. He started to like black throwing out his colourful flashy clothes. He is alsosold his Jugular with the anime livery and repainted his Zentorno with black and white. Up until now, his close friends are trying bring back old bubbly Rex.


Before moving to Los Santos Rex was a home-schooled boy who lived with his parents. They isolated him and didn't allow him to talk to anyone, causing him not to have any friends. He was very studious and wanted to make a stimulant that will help him keep awake while studying. He experiments on making meth, did it the first time but got distracted the second time and had an explosion. Because of this, his parents to kick him out and sent him to Los Santos.

Upon arriving in Los Santos, Rex had a hard time making friends since he had little to no social skills. In time, he got jobs and made some friends. He worked at Anime club, Apothecary and UwU Cafe at Dean's World and Farmer's Market. Rex started to love UwU Cafe working day and night, pretty much holding it down everyday. Since he now interacts with many people thanks to UwU Cafe, he is slowly growing and having more confidence. On his free time, he started to do little crimes like boosting and racing.

When UwU Cafe building went up, Rex was promoted to General Manager. Until now, Rex is  still managing the Cafe, helping the UwU family grow and letting the UwU change more and more people.


  • "Let the UwU change you"
  • "Right Meow"


Rex owns an Ocelot Jugular with UwU livery.

Rex owns a Sandking XL that he is holding onto for a friend.

Rex owns a BMX bike that he is very proud of.

Rex owns a Zentorno.


Rex is fired 12 times during his time working with UwU cafe.

6 times by Benji, 5 times by Sherry and once by Ash (this was an experiment but still counts)