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Reverend I.M. Voland is a character role-played by Judd.


Reverend I.M. Voland or The Reverend is the mysterious leader of The Watchers and The Brotherhood and has been involved in the management of the Dark Web since it was founded by Jacob Harth months ago when the city was newer. He is primarily a manager of the Dark Web and a quest-giver, allowing new recruits to join The Brotherhood if they pass the quests.

Role in the Dark Web

The Reverend acts as the manager and quest giver of the Dark Web. People like Lang Buddha and Ellie Dono have been his primary stalking prey, and they have grown wary and skeptical of him. He has asked various people such as Ellie Dono to assassinate multiple people. His targets have included Outto-Tune Tyrone and Bryce Miller.

He proclaims to be "grooming" persons such as Pixie Plum and Tessa Lamb for "torture." He offered Jordan Steele, Uchiha Jones, and Steve Smith a quest via the dark web which they were unable to solve.


  • He is often found driving in his Glendale, driving around Los Santos and stalking people of interest.


Played By: Judd
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