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Renee Swann is a character role-played by TrashedPotatoPie.


Renee Swann came into Los Santos at 26 July 2021 with a mission that she wants to help as many people as possible. While holding the mission to save as many people as possible, she came up a plan to participate Emergency Medical Services (EMS) where she want to work from the bottom to top of the EMS. Generally, Renee is a shy and soft spoken person where she try to not cause as many trouble as possible. However, she tries a few times to brave up and speaks to other people so that she able to make friends in Los Santos. Hence, the journey begin for Renee.

First day in city

When Renee arrive in the city, the first few friends that she made are Peach Chee and Rexarius Bracchimus (Rex). After knowing both of them, they went to a short fishing trip with them where they made around two thousand dollar. Then, Rex bring Renee to Pillbox for the volunteering or ride-along inquiry. Next, Rex and Renee went to a small tour of the city but before that they went to Ottos Autos to fix his car. Then, while they stopped by apartments, they meet Mami Ko (Blue Storm Block) and then they went to Dean World to show Renee around there. Rex and Blue shows Renee around many booth such as the potion shop, the dessert & coffee shop and others.

After the Dean's World tour, Rex plans to bring Renee to the Pillbox Medical Center to meet the EMS person in charge for the volunteering. However, Rex forget he parked his car at apartments and Rex lockpicks a car near Beach Avenue. While doing that, Rex gives various hilarious reason of the car he lockpicking is his car to tell Renee nothing crime happens. Next, they reach apartment to get Rex's car and went to Pillbox for the EMS volunteering or the ride-along inquiry update. During in Pillbox for the update, Renee meet with Keith Harris and talks about the ride-along details. After that, Renee went to bed awhile to be prepare for the ride-along.

Next, Renee woke up with good energy and start the day with meeting with Blue, Gary and Charlie. Renee and Charlie talks about being EMS where Charlie the other day being ride-along for the EMS and Renee is really excited about it. After awhile the conversation, Renee, Blue and Charlie went to the clothing store where Blue works. Next, Blue sent Renee to Pillbox where Renee need to go for the ride-along EMS. While at there, she meet Rory Borealis where she is a volunteering for EMS. They talk awhile about their each passion and their target to be part of the EMS team.

Afterwards, Rexford bring Renee to the staff changing room to get her a vest to protect her. From there, Renee starts her ride-along journey with Adeline Devangari (Addie) and the first call is respond to a man downed by the Meteor shockwave. Renee starts to familiar with the EMS procedure and other medical information that she needs to familiar with it. After send the injured person back to Pillbox, they response to the next scene where at behind of the superstore that person injured at the mountain range due to metal detector treasure hunt. The third incident call response is to a man being throw off from the pier. Next the forth incident responded, due to panic evading oncoming vehicle and didn't wear seatbelt results of this incident. The fifth incident is at Burger Shot where a female being run down by a car and the suspect run away in front of the cops.

While in between the ride-along shift, three of them have some fun with hair spray and they accidentally got all green hair in color. On top of that, they take advantage of taking the family photo. Then, the EMS team and doctor have a friendship circle to talk about any problem or any topics. After that talk, they response the sixth incident at the Farmer's Market where just simple injures. Next, the seventh incident responded to an accident at the intersection of the country yard where no seatbelt and high speed driving were the caused.

In the end of the ride-along shift, Renee was happy cause things what she planned for is working way more progress then she ever thought off. On top of that, Keith and Addie really likes Renee a lot and encourage her to come for another ride-along when they are around. Well that said, the rest of the journey all the best to Renee


Peach Chee

She is the first person where Renee makes friend with. Peach also the person brings Renee to the fishing trip and meet other people, such as Rex.

Rexarius Bracchimus

Renee meet Rex through knowing Peach. Rex and Renee quickly able to hang out together and where Rex shows Renee around the city also the person brings Renee to the Pillbox for the volunteering / ride-along inquiry application.

Mami Ko

Mami known as "Blue Storm Block" where Renee be friends with Blue near the apartments. Blue always helps Renee in terms of ride to the clothing store and the Pillbox.

Lola Sunshine

Renee meet Lola outside of the apartment where the moment they meet, they wear the same clothing style just opposite color mix. They both quickly become friends and Lola brings Renee to the cloth shopping awhile. Hence that's where, Renee new set of cloth 'Sporty' is created.

Emergency Medical Services and Pillbox Medical Center friends

Renee as a ride-along for the EMS and during her shift she made a few friends.

Keith Harris

Keith is one of the EMS that took Renee for her first ride-along with and guide her all the basic EMS knowledge.

Adeline Devangari

She known as 'Addie' where she also on of the EMS also with Rexford to bring Renee with the ride-along. Addie and Renee get along very quickly where Addie's outward attitude really attracts Renee's interest.

Rory Borealis

Renee meets Rory at the outside Pillbox while waiting for the ride-along update, but for Rory she's waiting for the volunteering EMS.

Rexford Yeung

Rexford is the EMS that also take Renee along for the ride-along and also teach Renee.

Balto Connelly

Balto is the EMS friend that test her evasion using the sledge hammer.

Tyrel Shall

Tyrel the fun guy that jokes and play around with Renee where teach her some things and made her walking while flying like a bird.

Liam Park

The new EMS where Renee make friends with during the ride-along.

Luna Park

The new EMS where Renee make friends with during the ride-along.

Jessica Hilton

The new EMS where Renee make friends with during the ride-along and also provide company for the metal detector treasure hunt.

Leonardo Sand

The chief of EMS where she call him pickles due to his hair get hair sprayed and turn green in color.

Tsury Nanakaze

While waiting response call at the Pillbox, Renee make friends with Dr Nanakaze.

Laurence Nightingale

She knew Laurence slightly and have a little interaction with him.

Alexander Blake

Blake is the doctor that tells Renee about the ride-along procedure and allows her to ride-along.

Played By: TrashedPotatoPie
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