Remee El-Rahman is role-played by thaCOOP.

 Background Edit

Remee El-Rahman returned to Los Santos on Feb. 8th 2020 to reunite with his family, Ramee and Reema El-Rahman. Nicknamed the Landlord, his first goal was to make his big brother Ramee proud, shoot people and rob banks. After a successful bank robbery in Paleto where Remee tried thermite and was the getaway driver, he transcended to the Warlord, however makes the odd appearance as a Shitlord.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Wants to make his big brother Ramee proud of him
  • Vultures glove boxes, trunks, people and even his own family
  • Remee and Ramee inflected Jackie Snow with SBS
  • Nick named Jackie Snow as the Snowlord

Quotes Edit

  • "Oh yeah, suck my nose, suck my nose."
  • *Heavy breathing and wheezing*
  • *Excessive saliva noises*

 Clips Edit

  1. Coop tries thermite for the first time
  2. Remee w/ Ramee & Reema exaggerates his contributions
  3. Snow gets infected with SBS
  4. Remee meets the Snowlord
  5. Remee, Ramee and Reema keep it in the family - ERP

Gallery Edit

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