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Regina Bunny is a character role-played by crystalmushroom.


Regina Bunny is the twelfth youngest child of sixteen. Her family consists of her father, mother, and four other aunt/stepmothers. Home life was very annoying for Regina because everyone was on top of each other in a home with only 5 bedrooms.

The family studied a religion that Regina had fallen out of love with, because the belief of praying to aliens was too far-fetched for her. It was basically Scientology, but they allowed and encouraged sister wives, alien abductions, and plant abuse as well. It made no sense to her, though she was brought up on these teachings her entire life.

In the Bunny household, computer time was done in shifts, mainly because there were so many people in the house looking up who their next prayer circle was supposed to be dedicated to. One day, when she was able to schedule her appointment on the family computer, Regina found the thing she was hungering for the most, direction; and she finally found it in Holy Hummus. A religion where you find goodness through food and food was life. Regina started following the religion right away, eventually baptizing herself in barbecue sauce to show her new commitment to a higher food order.

For her, it was also the perfect way to get back at her family because their teachings were so strict and there was never enough food in the house due to the family's size. It was always a struggle to find happiness around the ceremonial dinner slab.

For Regina, it was fine for a while until the family thought that she should be wed. Of course, like her parents (all of them),  she was to marry someone who would also take on 4 or 5 other wives. That wasn’t what she wanted. IF she would marry, it would be to one man and they would not be “double dipped”. The decision she made was not favored by her family. It actually left a bad taste in their mouths. A taste worse than Aunt Daedra’s corn pudding.

As a family, they all decided that she and her religion had to go. They pooled together their US money and bought a bus ticket to the farthest place away from them that they could. So now, Regina comes to Los Santos to find her bit of happiness, and to share her positivity, wholesomeness, and Holy Hummus with the world.