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Reece MacMillan is a character role-played by Agidon.


The best Reliant Robin driver and the most bullied citizen of Los Santos. Often, passersby will purposefully nudge him while he's driving his Reliant Robin to cause it to roll over. Despite the constant abuse, Reece continues to drive the Robin because he finds it entertaining.

Reece being the natural born crackhead that he is, has a trolly, silly and easy going demeanor, e.g. as witnessed by the car he is driving. Only if someone tries to trigger a response out of him, he will give an appropriate action back.

Other than self protection, he is definitely a law abiding civilian for the most part.

Reece was originally going to to join the EMS but due to compilations was found in a house in Vinewood with a microwave in his hands, almost being sent to Parsons Upon his first arresting due to speaking in a Scottish accent.

Reece has a habit of making fake licenses and documents this stemmed from forging papers for a vin scratch reliant robin.


#Raccoon4Reece is a hashtag used on twatter and around the city in support of Reece getting a pet raccoon.

Jobs Reece has worked[]

The Pizza Parlay[]

After being run over by a tow truck while on his scooter he was hired as a "PizzaBoy" he would try do pizza delivery's on his scooter often not making any money due to repair costs, fuel money and the cheap price of the food, the only delivery Reece managed to actually complete was one to the middle of Vagos territory. Reece complained to his manager he didn't wanna go there as he was previously held at gunpoint there before :(


Reece's Tows Reece may sometimes run a yellow page ad for a towing, roadside repair and ocean rescue service to people who maybe be stuck / broke down for $500 but this business is mostly dead due to the amount of tow trucks flying around the city now giving tow trucks a bad rep.

Reece's Beesness[]

Reece used to sell beeswax for $100 per to all the garages in town, in the beginning he'd often steal large box trucks to haul all his beehives and wax around town and to his beekeeping spot later on upgrading to the "Not Meth mobile" the goofy RV was perfect as it had a large storage space and fitted Reece's stupid personality, unfortunately the bee business has died out for now as it hardly made a profit and sometimes loosing money. The bee business was first started thanks to Posy giving Reece a queen bee.

Abdul's Taxi[]

Reece sometimes signs on to Abdul's taxis and gives people rides in his reliant robin, often ending in disaster or flipping but overall the customers have a good time :) Reece doesn't do this job often as he feels bad for the other employees and wants them to get the money and customers instead.

LingCorp Mining[]

After Victor became the CEO of LingCorp mining he hired his crackhead friend Reece to help him mine the mines unfortunately it was usually only Reece in the mines, it could take like 3-4hours IRL time to mine the entire thing solo this often caused Reece to become agitated and paranoid of the "Wire Monster" after being in the darkness for so long, The mines have been closed for a little while now but may reopen thanks to the Power OF KACHING PRAISE BE KACHING AND ALL HAIL FATHER LINGBERG AND HIS WISDOM! | Reece was robbing and scamming the mines behind Cerberus's backs selling runs for 15k each but was later discovered and fired for his action.

Sessanta Nove[]

Reece works as a courier for SN a Clothing brand in Los Santos.

Burger Shot[]

Reece was hired at BurgerShot after a manager was held at gunpoint, Reece was then later fired but rehired and is currently working there as a Janitor, he was later promoted to burger flipper but after not working for a few months was fired.

Vehicles & Housing[]

Vehicle License Plate Purchase Price Status Note
Reliant Robin
Reliant Robin
SH4GG3R $325,000 REMOVED

(but in our hearts)

Reece's daily driver, the three-wheeled orange Reliant Robin.

Fully upgraded beside suspension, Imported thanks to Victor Fittipaldi, and bought from VLC after Victor secured the sale stopping it from being purchased by other people.

Maxwell Asbo
POT8TO $35,000 Owned The Asbo was bought as Reece thought the Asbo racing scene would pop off... it never has >w>
Sultan MkIII
Sultan Mk3
R3M $125,000 SOLD Reece's first sports car but later sold to afford his new one.
NOT METH $18,500 Owned Originally bought to carry beeswax from Reece's Beesness which later went down the drain due to lack of profits, now it is used as a storage from Reece's nightly hunting trips.
IRN BRU $41,000 Owned Reece's first car. Bought from PDM and was his classic car for fishing and hanging out with the bois.
Faggio Sport
Faggio Sport
P1ZZABOY $15,000 SOLD Sold after realising the amount it would cost to keep due to asset fees.
Faggio Mod
Faggio Mod
749V22UN $96,000 SOLD Reece's scooter originally owning the "pizzaboy" a sport version of a moped he sold as the asset fee's were to much whist this moped is slower it has +100 in swagger.
Q54E5GNU $6500 Owned Bought from a friend.
Regina 24TLRXH2 FREE SOLD Reece got this car upon arrival to the city but sold it to a friend who had no vehicle
Bogg Bike
4GHNID63 $10,000 Owned Bought from Bogg after sitting in a car park waiting for Bogg when Bogg said he'd be 5mins
Specter Custom
Specter Custom (before)
W1DEB0I $285,000 SOLD Bought after being convinced by Victor PDM, to buy this car as it was fast and a rare car in the city with the characteristic that it was a very wide car, when racing Reece often struggles to find gaps to fit the car in to overtake.
Reece Spec
Specter Custom (after)
After some consideration and with the upcoming drift parts Reece didn't wanna spend alot of money on a new car so decided to make is widebody Specter a bit more sportier and overall better to look at with an upgraded paint job and body work changes and rim respray to blend better. This will be Reeces drift car.
Rumpo Custom
SH00TM3 $102,000 Owned Cool fast van good for hunting or traveling friends around.
Model S Plaid (Robin Replacement)
SH4GG3R $2,700,000 Owned A hard choice but a super fast car that Reece cant afford, used to replace the Reliant robin.
9418V34R $70,000 Owned Cool off road bike
Property Address Market Value Status Note
Route 68 house number 8 $90,880 Owned A hot spot for crackhead locals and wild dodo delivery trucks, but friendly neighbourhood with nice neighbours :) (bought when the price was around ($80,000) ~ Reece recently upgraded the interior with a included Raccoon room and painted Orange and Blue walls to match Reece's theme of blue and orange.