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Red Ditt was a character role-played by Vader.

General Description

Red Ditt was an overweight, obnoxious role-play critic blogger who lived in his mother's basement. He was in Los Santos in an attempt to find friends but found himself antagonising others through critiquing them and mentions of his blog.

He was allergic to all medication, "water and food", but maintained sustenance through a soylent only diet administered through tubes.

Melbert Rickenbacker attempted to end Red's life on a hospital visit by smothering him with a pillow, but was unsuccessful. Mel then proceeded to pressure Red into smoking crack under the guise of testing if Red was a cop, although the true intention was to blackmail Red into joining the criminal underworld.


After being blackmailed by Mel, Mervin Potts bought Red a gun which was used to take a member of The Frat as a hostage from the Taco stand. The Frat boy was forced into a car with Red, Bryce Miller, Mel and Mervin. They were immediately pursued by Wayne Biggaz up the Los Santos Freeway. After a gunfire exchange, Wayne pulled back only for members of the Chang Gang to pull up and force the car with Red to pull over.

After a brief exchange, the Chang Gang pulled away, leaving the Frat member behind. Siz Fulker pulled up shortly afterwards to investigate, but then seemed to keep a distance whilst observing the group.

Whilst Red scoffed down two burgers, Leanbois pulled up to the crash site. Lang Buddha asked the "Fat boy" to keep quiet, to which Red refused. Red was then shot to death, followed by Mervin and Bryce.


  • "No."
  • "You are low effort"
  • "Im downvoting you"


  1. Officer Francis meets Red Ditt
  2. Chang Gang pull up to save a Frat boy
  3. End of the Redd

Played By: Vader
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