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Raymundo Ortiz is a character role-played by Nottics.


Raymundo Ortiz is a Soldato of the Vagos. His brother is Arturo Ortiz, Soldato OG of the Vagos.

Raymundo came to Los Santos from Guadalajara, Mexico to be with his older brother. In Mexico, Raymundo was force to stay in school by his mother so that he wouldn't fall into the gang life. Arturo showed him the opportunities available in Los Santos, his four-door ranger and different cars, which sparked interest in Raymundo to work hard and earn the money to move to the city to achieve the same success.

Raymundo immediately became a hang-around due to his brothers affiliation with the Vagos. He became a prospect after successfully shooting OTT and escaping with Vice El Jefe Benji and his girlfriend, during the concert premier of "Don't Tell Benji".

He was Blooded into the Vagos after helping them get revenge on OTT and Bobby Schmegal after they ocean dumped Benjii and Carlitos .

Currently, Raymundo and Arturo have got the Vagos into the weed business.


  • "This is Carlos Sancheeeeez"
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Played By: Nottics
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